Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Powermaster Ultra Magnus

Introducing the super rare Powermaster Ultra Magnus.  This is one of those extremely hard finds that

should you come across in your searches, don't hesitate it and grab it immediately .    I can see you asking yourself, "What?  I didn't even know about this particular figure!  Where can I
come across one of these awesome guys?" Well, it's an easy answer.....you can't.


Both trailer and cab's colours would really compliment each other…. if they were to actually come together.

While it is true that you could call this figure Powermaster Ultra Magnus, the title is missing one key element.  The trailer is legit and from "M's" C-307 Super Ginrai but the cab is actually (or maybe obviously) a KO version of Powermaster Prime in Ultra Magnus' colors.

This is what actually came in the box

A little dirty, but it still came with "styro-foamy" goodness!

Not quite Ultra's original two-level trailer, or Prime's covered one, but still good enough to haul some Autobots around.

I would have even been happy if they had done something similar to what Bandai had given to their Gobots character Staks; a very simple two-level trailer.

KO Powermaster Prime and  C-307 Super Ginrai

L-R : KO Powermaster Prime, C-307X Nucleon Quest Super Convoy, C-307 Super Ginrai

ABOVE & BELOW : Comparison shot on how the KO kept the smoke stacks the proper length.

Hey ladies.....does size does really matter?

ABOVE & BELOW : Comparison shots when trailers are involved.

Aside from KO Ultra's lack of trailer bulk I would say that it still fits in.  It really is a shame that they never even tried to make a two-tier level trailer for it (even if it didn't work as the extra body armor)...it really would have been a nice bonus.

Another variant - KO Kabaya Powermaster Optimus Prime 

All in all, this is a pretty decent KO Powermaster.  I think if I were to see it by itself, unless at a really cheap price I wouldn't bother, but to get one combined with the styrofoam,  trailer and box, it certainly is worth adding if you are a KO collector.

After all, what is the life of a KO collector without a little bit of variety.



  1. Nice. So it doesn't combine with the trailer for a powered up mode? I noticed that there wasn't a Nebulon, so was that featured neutered for the KO?

  2. That is AWESOME! Will we be treated to robot mode and Super Ultra Magnus GInrai Powermaster Prime combined pics? :)

    All the best