Sunday, July 13, 2014

TFCon Toronto 2014 Pics

Another year, and another TFcon has come and gone for me.  IT ended up being a bit of a busy weekend for me with other things going on for me ( one being a surprise birthday party for me planned by my wife on the same day).   My friend "M" and myself were only able to spend Saturday morning

Table full of Combiners anyone?

at the show, but there have been talks of a possible 1st time BOTCON trip for next year if we can.  Maybe it's time to see if the grass is greener on the other side of the border.  Anyway, I only brought my point and shoot this year so the pics aren't crystal clear but I think you'll still get a good idea of what was going on there.

Above and below pics are from the same dealers table with a decent selection to choose from.

Piranacon / Unicron ?

It didn't seem as busy as last year.

ABOVE & BELOW : A positron from one of my dealer friend's table.  He was also the only one that I bought something from.

I took a shot of these two guys together because of a recent posting from Brr-icy.  See "Operation Combination Sixtrain Comparison".

Yellowed Canadian Slag… unfortunate and still expensive.
A little blurry but I wanted to keep it in since I had never come across a ANTEX Jumpstarter in this colouring.

$700 for the Brave Max

Old school

Another thing I had considered picking up was this set of 6 MOSC Puzzler figures.  We had kept on asking for  the dealer to give us a price but he wanted us to throw one out first.  Got tired of playing that game so I passed.

TOP SHELF : AFA graded 80 Hotspot….$700

More custom figures

Nothing but love for how this pic makes me feel.  Good memories from the comics.
Love this pic!  Artist credit below.

One of the outside hallways before entering the convention room

People were going crazy about this figure outside and inside the show.  There were about 450 of them here.  Supposedly this was ring to be exclusive to this show as the next production run would have less/different coloured chrome on it.

Until next year guys.


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