Monday, July 20, 2015

TFCon 2015 Toronto Show Pictures

Well, another Toronto TFCon has come and gone.  Saw some usual faces there, and some new ones…it was finally nice to meet you Bryce!  

This ended up being a better show that I had seen in the last two years so that alone made it worth our time going.  Picked up a few neat things that will be going up shortly, so in the meantime enjoy these pics of the show and leave some comments.

Looks like MP Prime has gone up $100 from what you could get it for last year.  Piranacon has stayed relatively the same in price.  I bought one for myself two years ago and paid $65….still a great figure though to play with or admire.

A tower of G2.

The Diaclone box is a repro.

I threw these instructions in the mix to bug my buddy because he is always fishing through them trying to find Canadian G1 instructions for his figures.

This beauty was sitting at the table.  Man, I would really love to play with this guy but I'm having high hopes that Takara will get their ass in gear and make me a legit version of this guy.

Vintage artwork for a new figure.

I'll be honest, either I've just been missing seeing these guys, or these may be the first WST figures that I've seen at a show in quite some time.

This is the first time that I've come across these two sets at any show.  At these prices it's almost not even worth bringing them….but I'm glad the dealer did.

I bought something in the picture above….stay tuned for a future posting on it.

I really wanted to grab one of these Gobots but they just didn't meet my criteria in terms of condition.

Another couple of rarer figures that I found at this show.  Great pieces to have but not at these prices.  Plus, when you are paying these prices, it would be really nice to give them a proper inspection to make sure everything is up to par.

Someone decided to recreate a version of Prime's gun.

I have admit that I didn't have much in terms of expectation going into this show since I've been so disappointed in the last two years that I've attended.  Between the people that I've met and the few things that I picked up I would say this year's show was a successful event for myself at least.

Thanks to Bryce for meeting up and saying hi and the usual dealers that we talk to at these events.

Keep on collecting!


- angry canadian deception - 

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  1. Great meeting you at the show, hopefully we meet again next year. Two of the figures I bought are in these pics actually, the loose Tailgate on the table and the Hoist in the bag. I cut down my reissue count by a good number this year.