Thursday, December 17, 2015

Transformers & Beer Podcast #42 - Intellectual Property, An Oversized Grimlock & 3rd Party Competition

Joe & "M" crack open beers and discuss what nonsense they have had to put up with from stores and selling items.  Do we really need a Oversized KO MP Grimlock? We walk that fine line of Intellectual Property with 3rd Party & KO makers.
All this & more on another entertaining episode of TRANSFORMERS & BEER !

  • Shoutout to a listeners feedback
  • What's new : 
    • Christmas
    • Hallmark G1 Megatron
    • EB Games nonsense
    • "M" has two sales
    • Kijiji rudeness
    • "M's thoughts on the Walking Dead
  • Vintage KO figures
  • Thoughts on Oversized KO MP-08X (King Grimlock) Reximus Prime $159
  • Our thoughts on intellectual property regarding 3d party & KO makers
  • 3A Toys making high-end G1 Transformers
  • Do figures/busts ever retain their value?
  • How 3rd party companies are good for competition
  • Is the Walmart TF Generations Combiner Wars Superior Giftset worth buying
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  2. Hello, how are you? I am just listening to this episode and heard you talk about selling your Masterpiece figures (or at least some of them). What website did you mention for selling? And do you currently have any for sale. I'm in Michigan, so not local. Thanks for the great podcast!

    1. Thanks for your comment. We're glad to hear that you enjoy the podcast. Unfortunately, neither of us are selling any of our Masterpiece figures at the moment. When we do sell, we normally just do local sales to avoid shipping, etc.