Friday, April 29, 2016

Transformers & Beer Podcast #59 - Takara Notifications, Issues & Masterpiece MPP10B

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  • What's new
  • WeiJiang Masterpiece MPP10B Optmius Prime thoughts eBay#262353679576
  • MP-11NR Ramjet notification on update preorders
  • Takara's excessive taping issues
  • Maz's MP-14+  "Plus Implications" article discussion (CLICK LINK HERE)
  • Aubrey Huff's $20,000 AFA G1 Transformers collection sold

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  1. when you next answer listener questions please tell what site you use to order reprobubbles.
    Thank you
    grizzly519 @

  2. Thanks very much for listening to our podcast and for asking questions!

    We used to get the reprobubbles from "Bubbleformers" but they closed up shop about a year or two ago. Now we buy them from a seller on eBay called "Reprobubbles". I think he may also have an on-line store as well. They are very good quality (better than the old "Bubbleformer" ones) and also come with the cardboard backing and if I'm not mistaken, the smaller cardboard box insert that separates the accessories from the main part of the box. Unfortunately, they don't always have stock available on eBay but you could always email them asking for specific ones and they can sometimes do an order for you.

    Thanks again for checking us out.

    Keep on collecting!

  3. So, it looks like the collection you referenced in this episode is now up for sale and the prices are IMO insane. There a a few that are close to reality and I think I will try to make an offer on. But, most seem like they are swinging for the fences. Maybe I'm just wrong and these are the prices the market demands.