Monday, June 27, 2016

G1 Bonecrusher (Devastator) - Unboxing and Transformation

"M" unboxes and takes a closer look at G1 Bonecrusher (#36 Destron). Bonecrusher is one of the six Decepticon Constructicons, who combines with Scrapper, Mixmaster, Hook, Long Haul and Scavenger to form the mighty Devastator! Devastator is feared by all Autobots and was a fan favorite in the G1 Transformers cartoon.

G1 Devastator is an iconic Transformers combiner. The most recent official version is the Combiner Wars Devastator (Takara Tomy Warriors Unite) however his popularity has spawned numberour 3rd party interpretations including TFC Hercules, Maketoys Green Giant, War in Pocket Hulkie and Generation Toys Gravity Builder, to name just a few.

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