Thursday, July 14, 2016

Transformers & Beer Podcast #70 - The Cost of A Masterpiece & eBay Negative Feedback

The boys are back, this time discussing topics like MP-33 Inferno's ridiculous price, what Masterpiece figures should really cost the public and leaving negative feedback on eBay. Enjoy!

  • Show opening
  • What's new
    • "M" has another great transaction and sells a G1 Encore Metroplex
    • Buying some more bookshelves
    • "Brick & mortar store" prices are outrageous
    • Joe's gaming pickups
  • MP-33 Inferno's ridiculous price
  • What MP Dinobots would we buy if they were made?
  • Ultimetal - Transformers Ultra Magnus 17.75" figure for $1100?
  • What should Masterpiece figures really be costing the public?
  • eBay feedback; how do we feel about leaving negative feedback?
  • Listener question : Any recommendations on preserving the chrome finish on figures?

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YouTube : Transformers & Beer


  1. Ok first I want to thank you guys for giving me good content to listen to. The audio quality is excellent which a lot of other shows don't have that nice clean audio. I think its funny when you crunch in my ear, or slurp, but that is kind of your thing, and since it's your show you can do what you want. :)

    I think the chemistry between you two works very well. I can hear the different cadence of your voices which makes it easy to understand who is talking whereas other shows I listen too have so many people talking with similar vocal characteristics its hard to tell them apart.

    I have listened to all the episodes in your feed. I will say that my Podcast program called Downcast for IOS lost the ability to refresh your show a couple months ago. I did a search inside the app and then found you renamed to Transformers And Beer Podcast. I deleted the old feed and subscribed to the new one. So if you lost some listeners a couple months ago that may be the reason.

    1. Hi Lotus Stark. Thank you for your kind works and your feedback on our podcast. We record every episode in person and with a decent mic, so I think that makes a difference as far as audio quality is concerned. Joe and I have been friends for years so it's nice to hear that we have a chemistry that translates to the audio recordings. The podcast pretty much evolved from real life conversation that we were having about upcoming figures and as well as G1 figures that we were interested in. Often it was over a beer or two so we just integrated that into the show.

      We changed over from Podomatic of Podbean a few months ago and released our complete library of episodes (not just the latest 5 or 6) however we did have a technical glitch and had to change the name slightly. It would probably be a good idea for us to do a 2 minute recording on the old feed to redirect listeners to the new one.

      It's soon as I saw your user name I knew that I recognized it. If I'm not mistaken, I have been a subscriber of yours since before we started the podcast. Off the top of my head, I know I've watched your G1 Devastator Giftset, G1 Menasor Giftset, Jetfire, Omega Supreme, boxed NES Action Set and more recently your Ultimetal Optimus Prime video. I know there were many others as well. I enjoy your YouTube style. I actually would have loved to have bought some of those minty giftsets that you were selling a while back. It was so cool to see you display the immaculate condition of those sets on YouTube.

      If you don't mind, we might actually read and/or discuss some of your other emails/communications on the show. I think that, for example, listeners would like to hear the details re: the payment plans for Ultimetal figures, etc. We could only speculate as to how it works when we discussed it last.

      Thanks again for reaching out to us. Keep up the great work on your YouTube channel. We will throw a shout out your way and reference your channel. I'm hoping that helps a little bit. May I ask how you found out about our podcast.

      Cheers M

    2. Hi M,
      I'm glad you received my essay because this blog wouldn't allow me to post that many characters.

      Like I mentioned I use an Iphone with an app called Downcast. Each month I randomly search using the word "Transformers" from the app. It basically goes out and looks for any feeds with that word in the title. I can subscribe to your feed right from the app.
      The app auto refreshes every time I launch it so I noticed something was wrong after missing a couple weeks of your show.

      I agree that you should create a small podcast message on the old feed to alert listeners as to why the old feed is no longer refreshing, and to redirect them to the new feed. So if you saw a drop in your download statistics that may be why.

      Well that my friends is how I found your show.

      I think its so neat to know you have been watching my Youtube videos. I started my channel a couple years ago to create an archive of my collection. I didn't want anything to do with social media so I disabled the comments, and Advertisements. I don't how people can even find me in the search results with all the other heavy hitters out there. Somehow I have almost 60 people watching me around the world, I don't know why they stick with me since I have not posted a video in a long time. Maybe because I don't have the drama of comments , or ads playing people appreciate that so they stick with me.

      I have so much to shoot and upload of my collection as it has evolved over the past year. I sold the majority of my G1 Transformer collection so you guys may be mad at me for that. I do own a complete set of 00-21 factory sealed, along with a complete set of the TRU reissues. Then I got bored one day and said what am I doing. I want to open these toys. So I though on a pair of rubber gloves, and had some fun carefully opening each box and actually holding all that die cast goodness to place on my shelf. I started putting stickers carefully on a couple using the tip of an Exacto knife then the collector inside me said stop. So I only have a few figures that I stickered but boy they looks so much better than without. I wish I could upload some pictures to this blog.

      As for my video game system collection I have sold it entirely. I have so many pictures of it that I would love to share with you too. I'm a minty minty new in factory box guy so I'm sure you would appreciate a lot of my systems I owned.

      Well once again I'm being character restricted here. I have so much more to tell you guys as you are sharing with me each week as a loyal listener. I will return the favor and start doing shooting some new videos too.

      You are more than welcome to share anything I messaged you as well to your listener audience.

    3. Hi Lotus Stark.
      It would be awesome to see some new YouTube content from you. I really enjoy your videos. I think the trick to YouTube, even podcasting, is not to try and take on too much or it will become a chore and will no longer be fun. I would honestly give up both if things ever got like that. So far, it's still good fun and a great opportunity to meet up with Joe for a beer once a week. You should enable the comments on your YouTube. Just ignore the drama or delete any offensive comments. There are lots of keyboard warriors out there who like to sit back and criticize other people's creative outlets.

      Thanks for letting us share some of your comments, etc with our other listeners. It may not be for a few weeks (we have lots on the back burner to get though) but you have provided some very interesting points.

      I think Joe and I need to let everyone know the best places to reach us. I think that there may be comments on some of the podcast providers that we don't even know about.

      By the way, thanks for being such a loyal listener. We really appreciate it.

      Have a great weekend.

      Cheers M

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  3. Ok I think I have my reply posted under your reply now. Sorry, I'm still learning how this Blog works :)