Thursday, February 16, 2017

Transformers and Beer Podcast #99 - Titans Return Trypticon

In this episode we discuss Titan's Return Trypticon, answer some listener questions and check out some odd eBay listings.  Enjoy!

  • What's new
  • Discussing Titans Return Trypticon
  • Answering listener question from Mike Honcho:
    • How do we display our boxed figures?
    • Do we worry about humidity or light?
    • How do we store the figures not on display?
  • eBay oddities from Lotus Stark
  • Listener question from Bill @STCPod
    • At what point did we not harbour any brand loyalty to Hasbro or Takara and embrace 3rd party and knock off versions and why?
    • When is a knock-off not worth looking at
    • When does a knock-off elevate itself to collector status?
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