Thursday, April 19, 2018

Transformers and Beer Podcast #156 - Hallmark Starscream, Add-On Kits and Outrageous eBay

Transformer and Beer returns with Joe having no lock thrifting and "M" having no luck playing Alan Wake.  Further updates on our YouTube channels and Hallmark has a new Transformer ornament coming out.  Outrageous eBay prices and much more. Enjoy!

  • What's new
    • No luck thrifting
    • "M" having issues playing Alan Wake
    • M passes on a Moon Racer
  • Our YouTube channel updates
  • Hallmark Transformers G1 Starscream Christmas Ornament revealed
  • Transform Dream Wave - TCW-06 POTP Dinobot Volcanicus Add-On Kit
  • Debating an outrageous eBay price
  • "M" having issues with a recent eBay purchase

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