Tuesday, March 4, 2014

C-307X Nucleon Quest Super Convoy

This was a figure from a two-part purchase that me and my friend "M" did I about 2-3 years ago.  "M actually came across this guy with a number of other TF figures in a Kijiji ad, and
Nucleon Quest Super Convoy (2001)Japanese ID number: C-307X
while we couldn't talk the seller down from his listed prices, we still went ahead
with it. "M" grabbed this guy and I ended up getting Fire Guts God.  Both are really great pieces and while this one has less playability than Fire Guts since there is no God Bomber, it is the more rarer one with a much lower production run with estimates ranging between 1500 to 2500.

Background: Once there was era in which the planet Seibertron had been struck by a fatal energy shortage. At this time, Convoy and HiQ, a scientist from the planet Nebulos, undertook a perilous journey in search of a new energy to replace Energon.

Abilities: In order for him to extract the super-energy "Nucleon" that exists in black holes, his entire structure is now protected by a phase modulation shield. He can now carry out activity in super-gravitic environments.

 License and Registration please.

This mold was recolored from Super Ginrai (1988, Japan) and was later recolored as Fire Guts God  Ginrai (CLICK HERE FOR MY REVIEW) (2002, Japan) and Commemorative Series II Powermaster Optimus Prime (2003). 

This redeco of the Ginrai tooling of the Powermaster Optimus Prime figure (released concurrently with the 2001 reissue of the Ginrai figure) was a Toys R Us Japan exclusive black repaint, made to represent the original Optimus Prime equipped for a special mission. All of his red and blue plastics were changed to black, his clear blue windows were now tinted red, making his overall colour scheme very reminiscent of the now-familiar 'Black Convoy' color schemes.

The packaging pays homage to what Takara used for the Masterforce series.  The front show the Nucleon Quest version of the toy along with artwork showing the new color scheme.

Hi-Q : Cartoon, toy figure & Powermaster mode 


This figure was available exclusievly in Toys R Us stores in Japan in 2001.

Really nice back of the box with just the slightest crease in the flap. 

Plastic bag with instruction manual, sticker sheet and collector's card; a cardboard/carton tray which contains Super Convoy's cab, trailer and a plastic bag with weapon accessories.

Back Row (L-R) : Convoy, Trailer
Front Row (L-R) : Hi-Q, Super Robot Head, Laser Rifle (x2), Twin Particle Beam Cannon (x2)

The toy did not include Godbomber, and represented Optimus Prime himself, rather than Ginrai, a first for the toy in Japan.
"Transform and roll out"……close, but not quite.
The double-barreled weapons can be placed on either side of the trailer near the front and the other guns can be put on top of the trailer to give Convoy an "attack mode".
Strength = 10                    Intelligence = 10                        Speed = 7
Endurance = 10                Rank = 10                                  Courage = 10
Firepower = 9                   Skill = 10

The main gimmick of the powermasters/masterforce figures is that you need to insert the engine (HI-Q) into the front of the cab to initiate/unlock the transformation.  If you do not do so, you cannot transform the figure (unless you know what/where to press or you want to break your toy

Battle station mode features five positionable guns.  Hi-Q can ride/sit in two of them (the double-barreled guns).  There is a ramp on either side of the base that mini transformers can roll out from.

Primarily black with chromed smokestacks and front bumper, Convoy also features die-cast metal on the cab portion. 

Another feature this mold has over Powermaster Optimus Prime is the retractable fists as shown here with the fists not sticking out above the top of the cab.

Here's a You-Tube video on the transformation of this figure:

The Collector 75 - "Transformers Nucleon Quest Super Convoy"

I had actually forgotten that "M" had picked this guy up since it had happened so far back, but now that I have taken the time to put this all together and really contemplate about this figure  I think I will be on the hunt for it myself.

I don't think that I need to have every variation of Prime out there, especially since my collection is not taking that kind of direction, and also because some of the newer versions of Prime are really bad, but I think anything that is, or has a real resemblance to him will be something I will try, or at least consider getting.

I do believe that these Masterforce versions of him are definitely worth having in your collection, at the very least in one form or another.  You saw from above the playability (aside from his lack of articulation) that this figure has four different modes; and with the base mode included I would even go as far to say that this guy could be compared as a much smaller scale as a smaller version of Metroplex…..maybe even more so if God Bomber had been included.

Thanks again "M".


- angry canadian deception -


  1. Very nice, I love the improvements that the Takara versions had with the extra paint and diecast. I have the box for a vintage PM prime, but not the figure lol

    1. Thanks for checking it out Bryce. I agree; the Takara versions seem to always take those few extra steps that just make the figure a cut above…especially the die cast.

      How did you come across just the box for one? Are you working on completing it piece by piece then?


    2. I got this lot of boxes and a few Euro exclusive figures for just under $100 http://www.flickr.com/photos/93396493@N04/8962132115/

      There are a few boxes that I don't own the figures to, but I will eventually. lol

  2. I love Powermaster Prime and continue to kick myself for never getting this version or the Fire Guts version. The black is just so beautiful on him. You're a lucky man.

    1. The black is pretty badass on this guy. Lets face it….there are LOTS of little small figures that are all on black, but to have yourself a big guy done that way really just kicks it up to another level.

      I still think the Fire Guts version is my favourite of the bunch though. To be honest, at the time I bought him I never knew a lot of the backstory and bought him just on how cool his name is. How funny is that?