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Transformers KO Diaclone Bliztwing Triple Changer "Sploo Rocket"

I know it has been a little bit since I have done an actual Transformers figure posting as opposed to one of our Transformers & Beer podcast shows.  Don't get me wrong, I have been enjoying myself immensely with the whole process of doing our show but this blog was originally started with the

intention of doing figure write-ups so it's nice as the saying goes, "getting back to what got you to the dance in the first place".  So in following with that ideology.....let's get to it.

These are two Bliztwing KO's that I believe I picked up around two - three years ago in separate purchases; the left coming from Italy and the one on the right from a lot of Transformers on Kijiji (another version of Craigslist for those of you not familiar with that name).

Notice any distinct differences yet?

Maybe these next three pictures can make it a bit easier.

Here's a comparison between the KO "Diaclone" Bliztwing (above) and the Takara Diaclone version (below).

Here are some close-up shots of the front of the KO box.

Aside from some small window wear the whole box is in really nice shape.

Speaking of Triple Changers, there were only two that made it into the Diaclone line
  • No. 1 Jet Fighter Type
  • No. 2 Helicopter Type
 I can only assume that there must have been some work in motion for Astrotrain to be added to this group, but at around this time frame the actual Transformers line would have been close to starting so they may have put the hold on Astro just to save im for the Hasbro line.

Who needs an instruction sheet…..ins't that what the back of the box is for?  This is probably the only unfortunate part of the packaging for me.  I have many other KO's which have come with the typical cheap photocopy instruction sheet and I wish they had done it for this figure as well.

Interesting little note in the bottom left of the instructions which I can only assume is some sort of direct translation confusion; "Please do not put the match into mouth".  They must be referring to the turret barrel of the tank with "match" being the rough translation of the firing end ?  Translation errors being another small quirk when it comes to any kind of KO figure.

Mmmm….styro-foamy goodness abounds.  Obviously this KO did not come with Bliztwing's familiar sword and gun.

Below is how the Diaclone version would have arrived.

One lonely used sticker sheet.  One more step closer to completing this figure…..just kidding.

Now for some "Matrix type" photos of various angles in jet mode.

Looking closely, you can see that the missile launchers under the wings have been closed off where there normally would have been an opening.  This is a real shame to me because in a lot of cases this is the area where KO's have sometimes excelled over the original interns of actually having a firing mechanism that would often rival the original.

If it says Diaclone, then it must be a Diaclone right?  They wouldn't try to trick us would they?

Okay, now onto my favourite out of these two KO's.  I am absolutely in love with this guy just from an original standpoint.

Just your typical Italian child safety warning label.  My Italian translation is a little rough, but starting from the outside ring inward this says;
"This toy complies with the law regulations of 18/2/1983 No. 46"
"Imported ………."
"For kids ages 3 years and older"

Something is different with the figure above…..just can't place it?

Nothing out of the ordinary here.  Just the same usual Bliztwing that we all know in bulldozer and jet mode……..wait a sec?!

Once again, more lovely KO translation with proper grammar and pictures ordered in the same sequence as the wording.

This guy actually came shipped with a few more items than my other guy.  I've actually seen another boxed version of this same figure except instead of the styrofoam packaging it came with crappy plastic.

Once more around the figure photos.

Here we come to this particular figures nickname. "They call me Mr. Sploo Rocket!"  This is actually the name given (in confusion mostly) with this figure due to the crappy lettering choice for this tail sticker.

I've adopted it myself just because of how endearing it sounds, but with the background on the sticker being a space scene and this guy being a jet, it makes far more sense for this guy to be called Space Rocket……(sigh) pretty boring after hearing Sploo Rocket.

The video below was actually my very first encounter with this particular figure and where my love for it come from right away.

Now for some side-by-side comparison photos.

I still say jet mode on the left works extremely well with the massive tail fin.

Introducing G1 Bliztwing in the middle.  Yes, he does have way better colouring in jet mode.

Sorry G1 Blizter…your tank-mode colour PALES in comparison to that fantastic green and gold.

Yes, I'm showing two different variations in tank mode as there are different camps of thinking in regards to which way he should be displayed.

I like "Sploo Rocket" in dozer mode above because he has a little seat in the back that you could throw a Diaclone driver in.  Unfortunately, then the sicker on the front of the dozer is now upside down.

If we change the dozer to having the sticker right side up then we loose the option of having a seat for a driver.

I REALLY like that dozer mode, maybe not so much for the practicality in terms of being able to fight from a distance, but it really gives that mode an "ancient, early World War feel".

My….you certainly having yourself a little bit of "junk in the trunk" there Mr. Sploo Rocket.

Three bad-ass modes that work very well in any mode.

Just for a little good measure, lets throw in '72 Overcharge (MISB).

If I can make a suggestion to anyone out there who likes KO figures, or who is into variations….do yourself a favour and grab a Space Rocket. He is still out there on eBay (CLICK HERE).

Keep on collecting!

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