Thursday, March 19, 2015

Who Is Paying These Prices?

My friend was popping into our local Toys R Us store and decided to send me some pics of what few Transformer figures we would even consider owning from their normal mish-mash of throwaway figures.  I had to post these pics because I was unaware of how highly these figures were priced.

Soundwave has always been my guy....heck, I already own 3 Masterpiece versions of him and he was the first Transformer
that my parents ever bought me.  I just can't bring myself to buy this version of him.  Certainly not at this price point, and not that I buy my figures to turn a profit on, but I have the sinking feeling that if I were to EVER purchase this version that it would be a tough sale to get rid of him without taking a significant loss.


I really do love the Insecticon figures; one for how realistic their alt-modes are and for what great characters they were/are in the cartoons and IDW comics.  This box artwork is absolutely fantastic too, and I can't tell you how happy I am that Hasbro has shifted away, at least for the moment, from those cheap-looking see-through boxed figures.  I also own the last release of this trio being the 25th TRU Exclusive release.

Finally.........the price has dropped on Platinum Edition Optimus Prime from $149 to $99.

Jeez, that's certainly a lot of money for this guy.  I honestly do not see the value in this guy that would justify this large price tag.  Certainly targeted for the Transformer collector rather than for everyday use.

I honestly can't imagine paying these prices.

Keep on collecting.........just not these guys.


  1. I love the G2 Prime mold, but the deco and price are abysmal. And who's paying $110 for Insecticons? Makes me nervous about the Conehead and Dinobots sets...

    1. I agree with you about how great this mold is. I have the RID Black Convoy (Scourge) version of it. Yes, the prices for this particular version were terrible. I see these in stock every time I go to TRU.