Thursday, August 11, 2016

Transformers & Beer Podcast #74 - Removing Masterpieces From Our Shelves

  • Show open
  • What's new with us
    • "M's" update on his eBay case
  • Some listener shoutouts
    • Denis Moulton aka GotBot
    • Lotus Stark
  • Titans Return Brainstorm discussion
  • Masterpiece Dirge pics & discussion
  • Deciding to remove our Masterpiece figures from our shelves
  • Titan Trypticon discussion
  • Answering a listener question
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Keep on collecting!


  1. Hi guys, I just finished listening to this episode. That was one heck of a shout out M :) Wow I didn't expect you to spend so much time talking about why I have a channel, and what I'm about. Thank you !!

    In regards to Masterpiece, I do feel a compulsion to buy each release. I just want to have a complete set. I was like you at one time keeping them all sealed, then one day I started to open them. It was so fun. I now open each MP as I get them. Since most MP's are in Bot mode already I take them out of the box and put them in a pose, and into my case.

    I don't feel anything after MP10 has any chance of increasing in value. Takara keeps reissuing them, so it's not like the old days of MP01 through MP08. Even MP08X got reissued which was the comic style Grimlock. The 25th anniversary version still holds value, but the 30th anniversary doesn't.

    So for me I will still collect them. I even have a PO in for Optimus Primal and Cheetor. I have no connection to them, but having an Ape, and a Cheetah seems fun. I just feel the need to collect the line. I have even collected the diaclone ones, but so far have stopped on Loud Pedal, and Delta Magnus. Only time will tell if I can hold strong and not buy them.

    Finally Walgreens is a store with a pharmacy along with convenience isles. They have a small toy isle, and have no idea why they get exclusives. I can understand POP vinyls, but not Marvel Legends, or Transformers.

    Well nice chatting with you guys. Cheers to another fun episode. :)

    1. Hey Lotus Stark.

      We're glad you enjoyed the episode. As far as the shout-out is concerned, you absolutely deserve it. It was our pleasure.

      I think it's great that you open your MP figures. Believe it or not, I have occasionally toyed with the idea of selling all of mine off and going back to G1 roots full throttle. I only have so much money and space and it can honestly get a little overwhelming somethings.

      The reissues certainly hurt the value of MP figures. G1 figures have suffered for the same reason over the years but not quite as badly. At least with G1, it made (at the time) 20 year old figures more accessible to people who never had an opportunity to own them. MP reissues seem like just a cash grab to me.

      Thanks for clearing up our question about Walgreens. Funny, I've been to a number of them in Florida but never seen transformers there.

      As always...thanks for your comment and for supporting our show. We really appreciate it.

      Cheers M