Friday, August 26, 2016

Transformers & Beer Podcast #75 - Podcasting & Canadian Transformer Knock-Offs

  • Show open
  • Discussing the challenges of podcasting for us
  • What's new
    • "M's" New York trip
    • Joe's video game show pickups
  • Titan Return figure prices
  • "M's" recent Kijiji sales
  • Answering a listeners question regarding Canadian knock-offs
  • Reading listener comments regarding payment plans for figures
  • Our YouTube channel milestone
  • "M's" accidentally...and permanently deletes one of Joe's videos


  1. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the answers and comments regarding my questions. I enjoyed the jumping off point where you touched based on the Canadian slag.

    To answer one of your questions, I actually went to Toy Trove last week. I was a little underwhelmed with their selection. They did a small amount of some loose G1 figures. I imagine they probably needed to be restocked after TFCON.

    M, I would recommend visiting Bounty Hunter Toys in Hamilton if you make the trip down to Niagara Falls. Check out their Facebook for some recent photos of their stock. Mike, the owner, has a large display case of loose to boxed figures. He recently got in a large selection of Canadian boxed items as well. Check out the omega supreme, beautiful condition.

    Also there is a large selection of vintage video games, Star Wars figures, GI Joes, some modern transformers, and other random action figure lines. One of my favourite stores to visit.

    Let me know if there any stores you guys recommend in the GTA area. Thanks.

    1. Hi Travis.

      Thanks for your note. I appreciate your advice regarding the Toy Trove. I think that makes it a pass for me. I just appreciate that my wife actually tries to find collectible shops for me on our various trips. Having said that, I will definitely check out Bounty Hunter Toys at some point. I looked at their website and it looks awesome.

      Unfortunately, I don't have many recommendations for the GTA other than the Silver Snail in Toronto (and they're not great) and possibly Comic Alley Toys in Oshawa. You get lucky because Comic Alley Toys will sometimes buy large collections. Their prices are reasonable and the staff is quite good. I actually bought my ehobby Megatron (Megaplex) from them for a really good price and have bought a number of loose figures and paperwork from them over the years. It is a gamble though. Often they have nothing that I'm interested in.

      Cheers M

  2. I was laughing when Joe took a pic of M's Beer can, and M says "Did you just take a picture...We may need to Screen these pics later" haha. Just funny it seems like M was caught off guard, and maybe thought Joe was taking a pic of M instead of the actual Beer can. See that's what I enjoy about you guys, great real interaction between friends.

    Moving along I hear what you are saying about the Podcast, and YouTube being a second job instead of a fun hobby. I have taken a Long break making videos myself, and I'm just using YouTube as a vehicle to catalog. I have no intention of turning on ads and monetizing the channel. With that said I really really enjoy listening to you guys for the audio podcast. I actually like your show so much its one that I will save and listen to the same episode twice some weeks.

    Right now I have an XM Studios Marvel Statue that got delivered two weeks ago, and for the first time I wanted to do an Unboxing to show other collectors how awesome the packaging is. It has been hard to let it sit there, but I have so much going on in my life that I have no time to open. Heck I have no idea if it arrived safely coming all the way from Singapore. I guess what I'm saying is if you guys need to take a break from the podcast, or Youtube and maybe put out an episode every two weeks I would rather see that , then you guys feel like this is a second job and maybe burn out to a point where you stop producing content for me and the rest of the world to listen to. We truly do appreciate your time.

    1. LOL...yes, normally Joe takes a few pictures of our set-up at the end of the episode so I was completely caught off guard when he started randomly snapping away like that.

      It means a lot to us to hear how much you enjoy our show. If it started becoming a burden we would totally reduce it to an episode every two weeks before we would pull the plug on it but we're still having a lot of fun with it as a weekly podcast..:so there's little chance of either happening any time soon. Again, it's really just a great excuse for us to hang out, have a beer together once a week and talk about robots.

      We would be very interested in seeing your unboxing video for your new XM Studios Marvel Statue whenever you have an opportunity to upload it. I know how you feel about the temptation to rip that (shipping) box open but not being able to because you want to unbox it on video. I'm actually not doing as many unboxing videos for that exact reason. I also like to be able to open my item up right away and inspect it in case there is an issue with it.

      Thanks again for your ongoing support.

      Cheers M