Thursday, September 29, 2016

Transformers and Beer Podcast #80 - Ours Tip For Collecting Boxed Transformers

  • What's new
    • Joe recommends "Until Dawn" for "M" to pick up
    • "M" finally fins himself a copy of 3D Dot Heroes
    • "M" inadvertantly grabs the wrong version of the new release of The Tranformers 30th Anniversary Movie 
  • Shattered Glass Masterpiece Optimus Prime thoughts
  • Our YouTube channel update
  • "M" recommends some lesser viewed YouTube Transformer review sites
  • Listener question : 
    • "What's the worst Transformer selling experience we have had?"
    • "What are some tips for getting into boxed Transformer collecting?"
  • Joe recommends watching Transformer Combiner Wars 8-part videos
  • Listener question : "What are our favourite triple changers and why?"

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