Friday, September 23, 2016

Transformers & Beer Podcast #79 - The Mindset of Collecting Boxed Transformers

  • What's new
    • Joe shows off his recent game pickups
    • M's shows his Titan Master pickups
  • Are we going to bother picking up the Transformers 30th Anninversary BluRay?
  • Listener question : "Thoughts regarding the mindset of collecting mainly boxed figures?"
  • Update on Masterpiece Grapple pricing
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  1. Can you consider answering an extension of the question you just answered?How do you STORE g1 boxed figures.Any boxed figures that you have bought in "Joe condish" and have no room on the display shelf how do you store them safely so they stay in "Joe condish"?I don't have any boxed g1 but modern(classics etc.)backed figs i either use wads of bubble wrap and layer till flush with bubble and then bubblewrap whole thing or devise a makeshift mini cardboard box from card bubble to end of card and wrap whole thing.I was wondering what if anything you use as a filler for the tip of the g1 flap crease to the box area.

    1. This is a terrific question for an upcoming episode. We have just recorded Friday's show so the earliest we could tackle this is the following week. I'm not sure what Joe does to store his boxes but we would both be more than happy to share any techniques that we have to keep things as minty as possible. Thanks for the question. Cheers M

  2. sidenote i can't remember if you discussed this on a previous episode or not but in case you were unaware there is a book out which has the artwork from the g1 boxes and some japanese g1s as well.Here's a link just for proof of concept:
    Thanks again.

    1. This sounds familiar but I know that I don't have it. For some reason, I think that Joe may have picked it up. Either way, I'll check it out using the link that you provided. Do you have it? Is it any good? Thanks again.

  3. I do have it and had not looked at it again until just now but frhat it'orth i dfinitely like it.It has the character art you'ld see on the front of the box or card as well as japanese,g2,unused art,and pretransformer art.It has many battle scenes spread across 2 pages but the iconic ones such as the first battle scene and the movie one with metroplex and etc. get a 1 page in the back amongst the oddities gallery.I did not watch his video but this guy claims to let you see every page for yourself as he reviews it.It's close to half an hour but feel free to watch and judge for yourself if you'ld like to buy it.
    Here's the vid:

    1.'ve really peaked my curiosity. I love that box art. Hasbro and Takara have certainly stepped up their game in the recent past with modern box art but in my opinion, it still doesn't come close to what they were doing back in the day. I'll check out this guy's video. If it was filmed In high definition, I'll probably watch the whole thing. Thanks again.