Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Local TRU (Whitby) - 05/08/14

Ive been going back and forth since I first saw the posting about the soon to be released version of Generations Leader Class Jetfire, but after humming and hawing about whether or not it fits into the direction that I'm taking my collection in, I think that from what I have

They have consolidated what was once a split up TF display back into one section.
That's my little guy checking things out in front….he's not for sale.

seen overall in the pictures makes it worthwhile for me to get.  So off to check out my TRU to see what's doin'.

If only there was something that I saw that I liked then this would be a good trip.

I hadn't seen that Grimlock / Bruticus gift set for quite some time.

I thought this was interesting…..who the hell are these guys?

Ugh…you know some stupid Hasbro exec probably though this would be the coolest name to give a figure.
Looks like an Abominus rip-off.

I guess they are going to start pumping out a crap load of these guys now like they did/are doing with the Bot-Shots.
Well, there might have not been any Jetfires out, but you know when they start to shift their displays around and put things on sale we should be do for some new figures in the not-to-distant future.

Happy hunting!

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  1. Wait, Jetfire has been released?! I thought that the preorders had just gone up.