Friday, June 27, 2014

Super Change Robo Mechabot 1 (Omega Supreme)

I've always been on the fence when it came to grabbing an Omega Supreme.  The only time that I have actually ever physically played with one happened when he was originally released and even then, I don't recall whether I was as overly impressed with him compared to a lot of the other G1 figures I played with. You would have thought that anyone would have been

We three Kings
considering his size, motorized mechanics and three different modes of playability.  I just don't know what else to tell you, but to each their own I guess.

Lately though, my interest has been revitalized……..

Below :  A KO Super Change Robo Mechabot-1 that my friend "M" picked up roughly two years ago.

These pictures do not do this particular figure any justice.  When I say this piece is immaculate I mean it. That probably have something to do with my fascination in this piece; that and I had never seen it before up until two years ago. 

Never known the loving touch of human hands....poor Mechabot
The lid may not be taped down (though I don't know if it was ever), but this guy is still MISB.  It was hard to capture with the camera, but there is a plastic wrap over the contents, sealing the pieces inside the environmentally friendly styrofoam.

Super Change Robo that "M" picked up just recently.

Omega Supreme's original name was the Super Change Robot Mechabot-1, released by the now defunct ToyBox company in Japan.

Mechabot-1 vs Omega Supreme

In 1985, Hasbro (who was reeling in the success of the Transformers line) was looking for anything transforming figure to add to the lineup. Most of Takara's Diaclone line had been used already, and Bandai was starting to market their own figures. Along with Sky Lynx, Hasbro acquired the rights to Mechabot-1 and repainted him into Omega Supreme.

Generation 1 Encore Omega Supreme (2008)

The Encore edition was released in June 2008 for $115.

As the licenses to produce many of these toys are now expired, Hasbro and Takara no longer have legal rights to produce many of these figures. However, Takara merged with Tomy in 2006 to form Takara Tomy. It was later discovered that Tomy possessed the rights to some of the ToyBox figures, including Omega Supreme and Sky Lynx. As a result of this discovery, Omega Supreme was reissued in 2008 as part of the Transformers Encore line.

This reissue features a head retooled with a removable faceplate underneath the visor.


The mold originally sported a gray, red and white paint scheme but was otherwise identical to the version Hasbro eventually released. 

Mechabot-1 Storyline

COBRA Distributing Corp. sticker.  Unfortunately, I could find any information on them.
Here's some side pictures of the boxes.

Omega Supreme, being the complex figure he was, only had one release in the original G1 lineup. In alternate mode, he formed a space defense base. His arms formed an interplanetary rocket, his back and legs formed the base perimeter and his head/torso formed a tank. In robot mode, he had the ability to 'walk', which was remarkable for the time. In tank mode, the same motor that enabled his walk would also drive the tank around the base perimeter, which was a track. 

Another version to look for :

Grandstand Convertors were only produced in the UK in 1981. The Grandstand Convertors that are Diaclone based, are fully licensed by Takara and were put out by Hales Ltd. The toys are exactly the same with Takara markings. Other Japanese transforming toys were produced in this line. Strangely though they are packaged with the rubber tipped protected missiles which originated from Italy. Though there are slots for the the Diaclone drivers, the box was empty but showing slots for them.

Happy hunting for these pieces guys!


  1. awesome, love the Omega mold. I haven't been bitten by the recolours yet, but they are tempting. TFcon is just two weeks away, how are we getting a hold of each other? haha. Message me on tfw or cybertron and I'll drop you my cell number

    1. Hey Bryce,

      Thanks for checking the post out!

      I have started to like Omega a lot more recently; IDW has helped out a lot in that department. Omega's yellow certainly does a lot to help his pop and make him more modern, though I also really like Mechabot's red,blue and grey colors since they make him look more archaic-like. I think it helps him fit into his ancient Cybertronian Guardian role more so than the yellow.

      I'm looking forward to TFCon this year. I didn't come away with much from last years so I'm hoping not to be disappointed this year. I'll hit you up on Cybertron with my cell.



  2. Hello, I have a KO Super Change Robo Mechabot-1, and I want to know that you have an estimate of the price, it is in the same conditions as the one you speak in the article, thank you

  3. Great write up thank you.
    I am currently posting a sealed Mechabot-1 Canadian Cobra version on youtube, to get a video description of it.
    Thank again