Sunday, January 25, 2015

Canadian G1 Ultra Magnus (MISB)

Nothing much special here......nope.  Certainly nothing to look at....unless you call a Canadian G1 Ultra Magnus (MISB) nothing worth looking at.

I thought that this would be a great little piece to showcase at this particular moment in time due to the recent release of MP-22 Ultra Magnus.

"My close friends call me Ultramag."
Ultra Magnus is a redeco of the Diaclone "Powered Convoy" figure.

Diaclone "Powered Convoy" 

Itself a redeco and slight retool of "Battle Convoy", the toy that became the original Optimus Prime figure, sporting a new trailer.
Battle Convoy
One of the last few Diaclone toys to be released in the Transformers toyline, Magnus was recolored from the original toy's dark blue, red and black color scheme into a more patriotic red, white and blue.

I found it nice how they still kept the MP boxart similar to the original.

Back to the box art that matters for this post

En fran├žais sil vous plait

Ultra Magnus is unfortunately (or fortunately, depending if you're the type of collector that goes for variants) one of those characters that has gone through a variety of alterations.

Variation 1:  The rubber-wheel, metal toe version. All chromed on the upper legs and gastanks.  A full paint job and a windshield.  The small head has full paint, and the large head has full paint.

Variation 2: Everything included in Variation 3, but it has a windshield, and the small cab's head has paint on it. In addition, the faceplate on the large head was painted.

Variation 3: Plastic wheels, plastic toes, no paint on anything, no chrome on anything, no windshield...

Variation 4: 2002 TRU Reissue...rubber-wheeled, fully-painted and chromed, has windshield...shorter smokestacks, longer missles(compared to any other release) and has several remolded/reinforced areas on the cab and trailer.

Needless to say, there are even more variations than the ones listed above.  In my book, the original rubber tire version is the one to have, but to still find yourself one in this type of condition would still leave you with a smile on your face.

Keep on collecting!


  1. I think I remember my brother having this one... the shape seems familiar! Nice work, enjoying going through these posts!

    1. It sounds like your brother had a pretty cool collection. Ultra Magnus definitely is a cool toy. The trailer has a number of different configurations that made it a blast to play with as a kid.

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  3. Recently acquired this Canadian variant. It was an interesting find in a remote store in Northern Ontario. At first, wasn't sure if it was a KO, but all the inscriptions and visible aging pointed to 1984 legit G1. It has known classic elements of good quality such as the diecast chest, but then it has plastic toes, virtually no paint, no chrome or plastic windows. It's an odd variant but glad to have found a complete one.

  4. Is it weird I just want that box (and any paperwork)? I want a Canadian poster box.