Monday, February 2, 2015

Transformers & Beer Podcast #7 - "Shelf Display Memories & Recent Acquisition"

- "M's" adds another new shelf for his display and discusses his figure layout

- "M's" original TF display : "WHAT'S ON YOUR TRANSFORMERS SHELF?"

- "M's" Dinobot comparison photos : PREHISTORY ANIMAL 2 - TRICERATOPS
                                                          PREHISTORY ANIMAL 1 TYUANNOSAURUS
                                                          PREHISTORY ANCIENT ANIMAL GROUP SHOTS
                                                          ANCIENT ANIMAL 4 STEGOSAURUS

- Consumers Distributing : "A CONSUMERS DISTRIBUTING MEMORY"

- Joe's Headmasters Tweet blew up : HEADMASTER COMIC PREVIEW

"M" ends up pulling the trigger on buying a G2 Megatron (see Joe's G2 Megs blog post here) : G2 MEGATRON

- G.I. Joe Transformers comic crossover/IDW/Dreamwave

- Our "mail-away" G1 Optimus Primes

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