Friday, January 3, 2014

Gobots Puzzler - Part 2 Extra Pics (Complete)

Another visit today to my friend "M's" house today ended up with another photo shoot.  I have already done a post on the Gobots Puzzler here back in Dec 2013, but I thought that I would take these extra pics and post them since "M" picked this set up complete while mine is loose.  This will mainly just be a photo post since I have already done a detailed info one earlier.

Simpler than Transformers artwork….but still effective.

Back of the box

I thought this was an interesting description of  Puzzler's weakness….though a little confusing.  "Should even one piece be unable to join with the others, the Mighty Strength will fade away.  Each Piece must then rely on his own specific skill to survive." So, if I understand this correctly, Puzzler combined shares the attributes of all six figures, but if one can't join then the remaining combined figures have to rely on their individual skills……you mean like they would if they never combined?  And why would Puzzler still try to form together if there was only five of them?


Made in Japan….but packed in Mexico….because it's cheaper to package things in Mexico…duh.

That comes to $5.50 a figure.  "M" paid $80 +$25 shipping + $21 Global Shipping Ripoff….I mean Program.  Pretty good considering I had paid $80 for mine loose at at convention.

Not quite the quality of glossy instructions we're used to.

Global shipping had left this on "M's" doorstep….what a useless program….security for the seller but as a buyer who is to stop it from being stolen from our doorsteps?  I can completely relate to his anger in regards to this.

The sticker  was taken off of the bottom right corner of the front box art using Heroic Decepticon's technique. 


  1. Nice pictures! I get what you're saying about his weakness; if Puzzler's combined, then there isn't one. What kid could then combine the toys in good conscience?! Leader 1 and co would be screwed...

    Also, from the side of the box it looks like Psycho has a really good looking alt-mode!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Joe!

      I agree that on Psycho. I had only previously played with these guys when I was a kid though I never owned any of the bigger ones myself. I had plenty of the smaller guys. It's funny becuase I had more of the smaller Gobots than I did of the Transformer minibots. I think that was because I felt they were better looking in detail and had more playability than the minibots.

      My friend has a few of the Super Gobots and while I would like to get some myself, I need to focus on my TF's strictly for the time being.


  2. eBay's new Global Shipping program has been getting a lot of bad rap lately. If you buy from Yahoo! Japan auctions you'll be using a 3rd party service like eBay's program (kind of). I guess the main difference is incoming packages to the U.S. are less likely to be held and opened by customs as opposed to incoming packages for other countries.

  3. Hey Colbey! Don't get me started on this Global Shipping rip-off. I haven't had time to go on the boards or such so I haven't been hearing any complaining other than me and my friends. It is such a disgrace that eBay wants to get some extra cash from transactions.

    Why as a buyer, would I want to pay extra so that I can protect the seller? I'm already paying shipping for the seller to ship it to Kentucky, whereby thanks to the GSP, I have to pay more again to have another company repackage it and then ship it to my house ONLY to have it left outside my door every single time. How do I win out on this? How is this protecting the seller from the item being lost in transit? I could easily just say it never arrived if they keep on leaving it on my doorstep. This is going to be taken up in an upcoming post.