Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Package Arrival from TF Source

This big box came from TF Source yesterday, and it was UTR…….a term my friend and I have affectionately coined when packages arrive.

ARGH!!  Canada Post leaves something like this on my porch?!?!
I can never say enough about how this completely boggles my mind!  My number one complaint
about ordering online always ends up coming down to delivery.  I've said it before that if a thief was smart, all they would have to do is follow the delivery trucks around and just grab what they end up leaving on peoples verandas.  Good thing it wasn't raining this day either……

Enough venting… one is listening.

TF Source and it's bullet-proof packaging
One of the major reasons why I prefer to buy from TF Source is their safety in shipping. 

eBay sellers take note : NO DIRTY NEWSPAPERS IN THIS BOX!  And bubble wrap?! What a novel idea!

As you can probably tell, I have 4 Masterpiece figures here and 3 Kabaya boxes.  There actually should have been more included but they forgot to put some MP replacement shoulder cannons as well as another Kabaya box.  I know…I was surprised too! TF Source has never screwed up an order (for me at least) and I have been buying from them since 2011.

Rest assured I emailed them right away and the next day they replied, apologized and shipped out the two missing pieces the same day.  Now there is good customer service!  Another reason why I like to deal with them.

TF Source link here.  Buy with confidence from them if you haven't already.

Stay tuned shortly for a more detailed showing of what came……...or as I am going to call it;

"How Maz Made Me Not Care About Money & Buy Masterpiece Figures."



  1. I have had this problem. My last UPS delivery was actually delivered to the house next door, even though I was home. What I've done is get a UPS box at a UPS store so I know my packages are safe if my wife and I aren't home.

    1. That's definitely an option for me. I've never looked into it so I'll have to weigh my cost options depending on how many packages I plan on getting…..though I think the most important thing should be to have my items to arrive safely.

  2. Maz got to you? I was already an MP addict before he started posting about them thankfully. I've had CP deliver packages and leave them on my porch before. Now there is a note on the window to put them inside the front porch and lock the door handle as they close it. Works great having a "mudroom" on the front of the house

    1. Hey Bryce,

      Yeah, Maz did get to me….though I already did have a few Masterpieces, I was on the fence about continuing to get all the new ones that were coming out. I decided to compromise and while I am going to continue buying them, I won't be getting all of them.

      That's a good system that you have for any packages left at your front door. I don't have that option unfortunately.

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