Friday, November 8, 2013

G2 Yellow MOSC Constructicons - Devastator Part 3

So in my third instalment of my Devy collection here are the only pieces I have, for now, of the G2 Yellow Constructicons that I purchased back in early 2012.

Unfortunately, I paid no where near the steal prices that I did for my G2 Orange MOSC
Constructicons or for my G2 UK Constructicons.  I blame myself mostly because if I remember correctly it was more of a rush buy, as well as being the early days of me getting back into eBay and not doing the proper research that I try to implement now with most of my purchases.

Oh well, lessoned learned so at least something good came out of it….other than also getting these three nice pieces, all from the same seller.  So let's get to it.

First off, I can either blame, or thank my friend "M" since it was at his place that I first saw a complete set of these guys.  I immediately fell in love with the artwork and colours.  Everything just completely popped and stood out to me and I had to get one for myself.

To be honest, I had never really given much consideration, or even really had much knowledge of most of the G2 line since I had always been more focused more on the G1 line when I got back into collecting, and was out of TF's when the G2 line originally came out.

Although the original Transformers franchise had never stopped producing toys in Europe, the North American line had completely disappeared for nearly two years when Generation 2 launched in 1993.

Generation 2 Transformers toys were notable because of the changed Autobot and Decepticon symbols, changes made to the toys for child safety purposes, and the common use of bright vivid colors. The first and second years of toys in G2 were filled with many remolds of classic original Transformers (now referred to as 'Generation 1' or 'G1') toys. 

G2 Yellow Devastator (1993)

During the G2 era, the Constructicons were only available as individuals, never as a giftset. The team was released in two different colors: initially in yellow, then later in bright orange. All individual members are tampographed with the Generation 2 Decepticon symbol and the word "Decepticon". 

G2 Devastator is almost functionally identical to the original release with the exception of the quality of the plastics used, though his forearms and fists were retooled to completely remove the spring-loaded firing pins.

G2 Yellow Mixmaster (Constructicon, 1993)

*sigh* You're going to have to multiply this number a few times to get what I paid.  These Constructicons must have really not been selling to drop the price down to $2.99.  Somewhere out there  must be a few cases of these guys unopened.

Notice the KayBee store name.  In most of the articles that I've researched, I've only come across the Orange G2 Constructicons as being named "exclusive" to KayBee stores.

Sharp artwork with bright and vibrant colours!  You can see why I was taken in by this set.

Nice set of clear instructions, especially when compared to the U.K. version; albeit still on the back of the card.  I wish they could have done

G2 Yellow Long Haul (Constructicon, 1993)

KB Toys (Kay Bee Toys prior to 1981) was a toy store chain operating in the U. S. and its attached territories. For a time, it was the second largest toy retailer  in the United States, behind Toys"R"Us. Unlike its primary competitor, KB Toys locations were primarily found in shopping malls, with its "KB Toys Outlet" and "Toy Liquidators" subsidiaries located in outlet centres.

KB Toys started liquidating its remaining stores in late 2008, with the last stores closing February 9, 2009. What was left of the company was bought by Toys "R" Us, who now operate "Toys "R" Us Express" stores in malls where KB used to be.

I'm not understanding the logic behind giving these guys only 1 Robot Point?  I haven't been able to find much on this other than it could be that they were giving up on the mail order side of it.  My opinion on it is that since this is a set of six, people would obviously buy all six, so if they gave these guys any more Points, it would cost Hasbro more in terms of mail orders.

Personally, even if it doesn't mean anything anymore, I wish they would bering back the Points just for the nostalgia of it.

New items

  • Time Warrior - $10 + 5 RP
  • Powerdasher - $3 + 2 RP
  • Reflector - $10 + 2 RP
  • Omnibots - $5 + 2 RP each, or all three for $12.50.

Discontinued items

  • Optimus Prime - $21.50 + 5 robot points
  • Megatron - $21.50 + 5 robot points
  • Thundercracker - $10 + 2 robot points
  • Wheeljack - $8 + 2 robot points
  • Mirage - $8 + 2 robot points
  • Ratchet - $8 + 2 robot points
  • Sunstreaker - $8 + 2 robot points
  • Cosmos - $3.50 + 1 robot point
  • Warpath - $3.50 + 1 robot point
  • Cliffjumper - $3.50 + 1 robot point

G2 Yellow Bonecrusher (Constructicon, 1993)

Well, that's all I have on these guys for now….at least until I can make up for the price that I paid for these three buy getting the remaining pieces for a downright steal.

One last look at these three beauties together.

Pretty straight cards.  It's getting harder and harder to find good quality cards so it may take me a while to complete this set.

Compared to my lack of enthusiasm in my previous posting of the UK Constructicons, it's a complete 180 degree turn for me regarding these guys.  For a G2 or a Devy collector, this set is a must have, as well as the Orange version.

I think the tag line for the G2 figures says it best:

This set is not what it seems, and by that I mean it's not to be snubbed at just because it's not G1.  It's a fantastic recolour of the original and it's definitely arguable that it stands out much more than it's G1 predecessor; the Orange set even more so.


  1. Here's a question: are the plastics used on the G2 version cheaper than the G1? I've never understood that description.

    1. I doubt that I would know the difference just by touching them, but logically I think it makes sense just from a business perspective on Hasbro's part. Who knows exactly what they use, but I'm sure they must have played with the formula in a way to reduce production costs.

      Though it's years after the G1 and G2 line, you can tell that even with the new crap they are putting out now and how cheap it feels, and to a greater extreme the degredation/cheapness of plastic is more painfully obvious with some cheap K.O.'s or third party productions out now.

      Personally, if you were to strictly keep the comparison between G1 and G2, I don't have any complaints.

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