Saturday, December 21, 2013

MC-20 Micro Scope a.k.a. Micro Change Perceptor

Here's another addition from "M's" impromptu photo shoot; MC-20 Micro Scope.

Original asking price: $265
Accepted offer : $205

The Micro Change series was one of the two major sources of molds for the original Transformers line.

Most fans use the term pre-Transformers as an umbrella term for the Diaclone and Micro Change toylines, as well as for the original, non-Transformers-branded versions of such toys as Jetfire (see this excellent post here by Maz for some stunning examples of this) and the Mini-spies.

Released in a primarily black deco, MC-20 was recolored into Perceptor for the

Monday, December 16, 2013

G1 Springer Canadian Movie Box (complete with Metal Chest Version)

So here comes another addition to my blog from an impromptu photo shoot.  I was visiting my friend "M" on our usual Friday Transformer get-together show and tell, and I was bringing over my G1 Micromasters Greasepit and Airwave since he hadn't seen them yet.   He had a few purchases arrive since our last visit but had not told me what because he wanted to surprise me.

This was the first beauty he brought out…..G1 Springer Canadian Movie Box w/ Metal Chest Version.

Complete & MIB 

Now there is a little bit of backstory to this purchase and on the "wrong" figure inside but I will get to that shortly.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Gobots Puzzler

I've decided to take a small posting break from the Transformers line to give some love to the much maligned Gobots figures......more specifically the Puzzler set.  As a toy line, people either "love 'em or hate 'em", but I think this particular set is a great combination of detail and ingenuity.

I picked these figures up early this year for $80 from the Burlington Toy Show after talking the dealer down from $100.  It was a rather uneventful show comprised of all sorts of toys

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Robotic Radio TS-558 MIB

Here's another addition of an item that I picked up earlier this year from a local dealer for $55.  It was actually listed on eBay, but negotiating a local pickup made the price just right.

AM Robotic Radio TS-558 boxart

First off, it is clear to see the resemblance of this radio compared to Blaster.  I have to

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

G1 Micromaster Greasepit & Airwave (MISB)

I blame my friend "M" for getting me interested in these little guys.  Recently, he picked up 10-15 loose individual figures which he showed to me a few weeks ago.  I never really had much interest in collecting the Micromasters before so I'm not sure what really caused the change of heart.

Maybe the attraction was that they were loose so I really could get a good look at them.  Most of my collection tends to be boxed and sealed so I don't enjoy it as much as I could, so

Monday, December 2, 2013

Bruticus Scramble City Encore 16

I guess I could have included this in one of my earlier posts, "Call Me Ruination or Baldigus..." since it is essentially the same mold, but it took my friend "M" reminding me that I even had this encore set since it's been sitting in my closet for so long.

This is one of the two very first Transformer toys that I have ever purchased at a Convention. This goes back to 2011and my TF collecting buddy "M" and I went