Saturday, August 31, 2013

Transformers : The Computer Game & Mystery of Convoy Video Game Review

I have recently gotten myself re-hooked on "The Angry Video Game Nerd's" video game reviews.  I had watched some of his earlier stuff yeards ago and every episode was nothing but hilarious.  A few weeks ago, I was surfing around looking for something new to watch on my computer and

Thursday, August 29, 2013

e-hobby Exclusive 76 "Insecticon Clone Army" (MISB)

This is the first item I have received in the mail since I started this blog so I thought that I would show the complete unboxing.  Now, I did try to get this item UTR (Under The Radar; this is the term that my friend "M" and I use when tying to intercept parcels before our respective spouses see them).  For those of you lucky enough to enjoy having wives that are into collecting, God bless you because you are lucky.  For those of us that have wives that just tolerate this hobby, the less they see of it the better and so we try to get to delivered packages before our wives get is what it is.

"A rather large box is waiting for you" wife's text to me at work....*sigh*

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

G2 Slag (GIG - Italian Version)

Here is another pickup that I nabbed from the 2013 TFCON.

Me Slag say, "Ciao!  ParLa L'Italiano?"

This was in one of the first booths that my friend "M" and I came acroos as we walked down

Friday, August 23, 2013

G2 Jazz

Thought I would take a little step back, 21 years to be exact, to 1992 to check out not only a fan favourite figure, but one of my favourite G2 figures....Jazz.  I picked this guy up last year on eBay for a really good price of $62.

My friend "M" has made the comment to me a few times that he believes G2 figures will really be increasing in price.  They are currently so downplayed by many people but they're still essentially G1 figures with some minor retooling.  They already are pretty expensive (ever try to buy a G2 dinbot, especially the silver ones)?

Though I don't care for all of the figures from this line, but the ones I do like I think are great.

Front of card
You'll notice the slight glaring in certain spots due to the hard plastic shell encased over the entire card.  Fantastic colouring overall.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013 WST Dinobots Vintage Edition Limited 888 Pieces

I'm angry.  I'm Canadian.  I write about Transformers.

*sigh* Why do I get so angry sometimes...because this is my second attempt at this post. Thanks for nothing Google blogger.  anyway, lets see if I can remember what I wrote down the first time (this will also teach me not to save before I do something else).

So here I am at Starbuck's (only because they have comfy big chairs to sit think Tim's would have learned something by now).

I picked this beauty set up (along with one for my friend "M") from our dealer friend "E";  the 2013 WST Dinobots Vintage Edition Limited 888 Pieces. I can't get enough of these WST figures for some reason, especially the legit ones (ya, I know you 'tards, they are all essentially KO's, but I'm referring to the better made ones by companies like JustiToys and to a lesser extent individuals like Herotoymaker).  I'll be doing a big post of all my WST's in the near future...I'll need a good chunk of free time on a day off or after the wife goes to sleep to pull them all out and do photos.

Front box art - some bad mutherf#ckers

Sunday, August 18, 2013

My TRU shelving Display

Ugh....utterly disgusting.  If I didn't know better I would take a huge, smelly, stinky, riddled with undigested corn, steaming crap in front of this because this display is no better than a restroom in a bus station.  Just utter crap stacked on top of crap. either the individual toys are garbage, or their price point s way ore than it should be (ex. the Grimlock vs Bruticus set $149 + tax).  The only real new toys that I have been seeing appear are the Constructibots.

Anyway, the real reason for this post is because once again I have gone to TRU in the search for the new Hasbro MP soundwave, and as you can see by the pic....nothing.

What I have found interesting is that I received a call from my friend "M" who said the he had called TRU asking about MP Soundwave and was told that a shipment had come in the day before and that they were sold out. Of course, that was the one day off when I decided not to go to. Funny thing is though, I went today right before they closed and I find it strange that there isn't even a section designated for how can TRU tell us that they came in already? where are they putting them? Are they even making it out to the shelves?

I will leave it to your imagination to figure out what is going on behind closed doors at the store.

- Angry Canadian Decepticon -

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Megatron - Special 16

Well, I finally pulled the trigger on a Special 16.

I had purchased an e-hobby Megs from my dealer friend "E" at a great price and while I was there, I noticed he had a S-16. I didn't think much of it at the time because I was spending some money on other TF's at the time so there comes a point when I have to close the bank.  Anyway, my other friend "M" decided to grab it for himself, and not that it's one of those cases of "well, he has it so now I want it". No. It was more of a point that he made in that there will never be any more releases of Megatron in gun mode anymore so why not grab all the variations of it that we can. Anyway, long story short, this just came the other day so lets get to it.

  • Megatron (reissue, 2011)
  • Japanese ID number : 16-S
  • Accessories : Silencer, stock, telescopic sight/fisuin cannon, "high density infrared laser cannon", sword, 20 bullets

This reissue of the original Megatron figure combines the best aspects of the Hasbro and Takara versions into the most "complete" version of Megatron available at that point. The set features the chromed chest and arms and red plastic of the Hasbro release, and includes the silencer, stock and sight/cannon, while also coming with Takara's sword and functional bullet-firing mechanism.

When in robot mode, the sight doubles as Meg's arm-mounted fusion cannon, but can also be combined with the other attachments to form either a "Particle Beam Cannon" weapons emplacement that Megatron can man, or a "Telescopic Laser Cannon" that connects to the figure as an over-shoulder weapons array. The pieces can also form a turret that a Microman figure can sit on and operate, but this feature was naturally left out of the Transformers version's instructions. Megatron also came with a chromed silver "high-density infrared laser cannon" that plugs into his either of his hands.

Fantastic overall package look - this ain't no Beast Hunters shit !!

Goddamn sexy!  Just fantastic overall presentation!  Sexy Megs thrusting out his crotch piece right into our faces, just daring us to touch it with the threat of being blasted with his massive fusion cannon (Note: As per Marvel Comics : Meg's cannon is powered by some sort of nuclear fusion reaction. sometimes, he has been able to link up extra dimensionally to a black hole to augment his power, increasing it exponentially).

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Where Oh Where Are You Hasbro MP Soundwave?

So here's the scoop. My friend "M" and myself already have the Takara MP Soundwave along with the individual cassettes for it which we were able to purchase from out dealer friend "E". (Thanks again E!)
No we want to grab ourselves the Hasbro version since it comes with all of the cassettes included along with some different packaging.

This is all fine. Sure, why not have two MP Soundwaves. For me, it's a no brainer. He was the first figure that my parents bought for me as a kid, mainly because they didn't want to buy me Megs since he was a gun. I know I'm not alone in thinking that Soundwave is badass in his own right.

I think Hasbro is not going to make this easy for us collectors though. Remember the last MP Optimus that came out?  Trip after trip to TRU (Toys R Us) and the same bullish*t from TRU. My closest location had actually give out rainchecks for some reason, so any figures coming in were already spoken for.  F'N idiots (TRU that is). Anyway, countless trips later with nothing to show, and long after the initial release of the figure, and with little hope of coming across one cheap, I had decided to pop into TRU on the way home from work and of course, the same crap was on the shelves.  I turn to leave in disgust again and saw out of the corner of my eye on the bottom shelf....MP Optimus. I scared a little kid when I jumped so fast to get to it. One $10 Hasbro gift card and a TF sale discount later, I had myself a MP Optimus for $56...that's right... $56.

So now, between the two TRU's that I hit up going back and forth to the gym and work, I'm up to 15 visits and no signs of it yet, though Cybertron says it has appeared in B.C.

The only thing that is even somewhat new that seems remotely interested is the 30 for 30 figure set of "Grimlock and Bruticus".  I would like to have it but not for the price of $149. Nice try Hasbro but I'll wait till it becomes a shelf warmer, which it already is, and grab it at sale price.

I'll keep you posted.

- Angry Canadian Decepticon - 

Who Am I?

I'm angry.  I'm Canadian.  I write about Transformers.

Hello there (whoever you are)!

Needless to say,I may or may not ever know who you are, but I am appreciative that you have stumbled across my little blog site.

If you're like me in any way (and you must be since you have chosen to click on this site in hopes of reading up on Transformers), I'm constantly searching the big, bad web for new info/pics on what people are buying and what is coming out in the world of TF's.  Unfortunately, I'm at a point now where I have either found the only good sites that have decent posts, and/or have watched all the latest you-tube posts; all of this leaving me in the position of sitting and waiting and returning to the same sites everyday in hopes of new posts. (I understand that there are only so many new toys that come out during a certain period, and lets face it, this is a hobby, so not everyone can devote their entire lives to putting out new posts/videos; though Optibotimus, of You-Tube fame, does a very decent job of posting new material, albeit it's not all TF's).

So we come to the reason of this blog.  It's a cheap form of therapy for me. A way for me to vent on the state of some of the newer figures, to show off what interests me, and to hopefully add one more choice of reading material out there for other TF fans.

Anyway, back to me. I'm just a Canadian guy, married with one kid, living in the Toronto area. and, as you can guess it, I'm a Transformers collector.  I have returned to collecting as of 2011, mostly due to the persuading of my friend/fellow collector "M" (I'm going to keep his name private) but I have to admit, in the short span of two years, mostly thanks to a budget that I never had as a little kid back in 1984, I think I have done quite well starting from scratch again.

The first Transformer I ever owned was Soundwave, though since getting back into collecting I can't seem to find where I had put him away along with the few other G1's I had.  I still have my Optimus Prime (minus the box), but have lost misplaced Sunstreaker, some minibus and at the moment I can't quite remember what else.

I'm was also into comic collecting at one point and have amassed a number of comics; mainly Punisher, Wolverine, Batman and Spiderman.  Don't have any TF comics though I have gotten into them with them being online now.  I just don't really see the point of buying comics anymore.  Other than the odd few series or special editions, they really don't seem to increase in value that much and to be honest, I'm limited in my space so I would rather prefer to give that space to my TF figures instead.

I'm a big anime fan as well.  I have actually just finished watching the first 4 seasons of "Initial D" again.  What a great series!  If you have never watched it, I highly recommend it.  I believe season 5 is out right now.

So that's it for now I think.  I'm new to this so any advice/tips/criticism/praise is greatly appreciated.

- Angry Canadian Decepticon -