Sunday, January 25, 2015

Canadian G1 Ultra Magnus (MISB)

Nothing much special here......nope.  Certainly nothing to look at....unless you call a Canadian G1 Ultra Magnus (MISB) nothing worth looking at.

I thought that this would be a great little piece to showcase at this particular moment in time due to the recent release of MP-22 Ultra Magnus.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Transformers & Beer Podcast #6 - "Masterpiece Reissues...Or Should it Be Issues?"

- History of “Age of Extinction” Gross movie profits (North America/Worldwide comparison) :

- MP-21G - Masterpiece G2 Bumblebee :
- Will they do a Red MP Bumblebee next?
- Due to Cliffjumper’s super-deformed original mold of a Porsche; what issues will they have  
   creating him or the other G1 minibots for that matter?
- MP-10 - Masterpiece Optimus Prime – Reissue :

- Do all these figure reissues devalue and eliminate any excitement for getting 1st run?
- What’s your collection worth?

- More Titan Devastator Info, SDCC G2 Titan Devastator & Possible Upcoming G1 Platinum Releases:

- BADCUBE OTS – Wardog
- FansToys FT-11 – Spotter :
- FansToys FT-09 – Tesla:
- KFC - EAVI METAL Phase Three: A - Citizen Stack :
- MP-22 - Masterpiece Ultra Magnus with Trailer ''Perfect Edition'' :
- MP-11SW - Masterpiece Skywarp :

- Original Vintage G1 Transformers Sealed Collection Lot MISB MOSC-Transformerland :

- Transformers Generation 2 Lot MEGATRON g2 collector's edition optimus prime g1 :

Keep on collecting!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Goldbergs Airs Optimus' Death on TV

I was watching one of my TV shows the other day, The Goldbergs,  and I can't help but love this show not just because of its characters, but because of the constant memories and nostalgia toys it usually brings up in every episode from my childhood every time I watch it…..and this episode was no different.  If anything, this particular episode should have some special meaning for all of us in the Transformer community…..the showing of the '84 Transformers movie, Prime's demise and how much it traumatized the majority of us.

The Goldbergs - Airdate : 01/15/15

A kids Saturday morning ritual of watching cartoons.

TRANSFORMERS & BEER - EPISODE 5 : "The AFA Grading Process & Debate"

In an effort to help those (and that includes us) not completely familiar with the AFA grading process, we have taken excerpts and highlights of Maz's recent 1st time attempt on grading a G1 Fireflight (MOSC) and give our thoughts on the whole process as well.

Read Maz's in-depth two-part blog story at and follow along with us as we go through this highly debatable topic within our Transformers community.



Special thanks to Maz for using his time and effort, once again, to help those of us in the Transformer community in better understanding the ever changing process of our collecting pastime.

Keep on collecting!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

TRANSFORMERS & BEER PODCAST - EPISODE 4 : "More 3rd Party....Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying"

Welcome back everyone!  We hope that everyone is all relaxed and refeshed to start the new year off with a bang and renewed fervour in collecting Transformers.

- "M" watches some more Robots In Disguise trailers and we give our thoughts
- MP 11 Skywarp packaging issues and how it could possibly effect preorders :
- "M" awaiting confirmation for his MP Skywarp and Ultra Magnus to ship out and is concerned about the rare delay
- The TFSource guarantee and why we shop there :
- Fans Toys "Soar" (Blue Chest) :
- Fans Toys "Soar" (Red Chest) :
- Fans Toys “FT-06 Sever” – Iron Dibots No.3 :
- Fans Toys “FT-04X Iron Dibots No.1 Scoria Limited Edition” :
- GigaPower – Gigasaurs :
- Mega Steel – MS-01 Granville :
- Are we ever going to see some ”legit” Masterpiece Combiners and what are the obstacles to overcome

Keep on collecting!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Transformer Display

It took a considerable amount of poking and prodding but it has finally happened.

I've divided the photos up by starting at the top and then working left side down following by the right; first showing the whole shelf and then the figures individually.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Kronoform Robot Watch

I like watches. It's that simple.  Even though I only own 3, I'm sure I could find the room in my drawer to add this beautiful one to my collection.

Takara made this line of watches back in the first half of the 80's which doubled as mini transforming robots.