Wednesday, December 31, 2014

TFSource Masterpiece Unboxing

This rather big box of 4 figures came the other week for me.  That's it for me.  I have nothing else on pre-order and I'm not looking at anything on eBay either.  This is rather a unique situation for me to be in, but I have to admit, I'm kind of enjoying having a clean slate

to work with in terms of deciding what to go for next.  Anyway, enjoy the unboxing of these four figures.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Joustra Diaclone Pick Up (Gears) & Condor (MOSC)

Each of us have our own personal reasons for buying what we buy to enrich our collections.  Maybe it might come down to the playability of the figure, or maybe price, or maybe it's a childhood memory that stirs up an emotion that says "I need to have that in my collection!"  Whatever it may be for you, I know that for myself, when it comes down to this particular line, it all comes down to one word...artwork!

It is certainly debatable (though I would personally find it hard to disagree) that this line contains not only some of the more rarer

Sunday, December 21, 2014

My TRU Shelves

Popped out today to finish some last minute shopping (per usual) and couldn't resist popping into one of my Toys R Us stores.

I was hoping to maybe see some of the new Generation figures out there but instead this was all I got.......

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Transformers & Beer Podcast #2 - "Year End Special"

Thanks for coming back again and listening to our "Year End Special".  We figured everyone is going to be busy over the next two weeks so we made this chalked full of extra material.

Stay tuned to the end where we discuss our best purchases this year and our biggest Transformers regret!


- What’s happened in our last week since talking
- “M” explains why he finally decides to get new bookshelves
- Joe accidentally ships latest TFSource items to his old address
- “M” has a shipping delay
- “M” has more items coming in and has an “eBay offer” accepted at the start of the show
-  New G1 Insecticons boxset and their comparison to previous 2 reissue releases, estimated cost point and their new name changes
- New coneheads 3-pack teaser and possible future implications
- JAFCON seekers
- G1 Fort Max reissue vs Generations Metroplex
- Our initial thoughts on “Year of the Goat MP Soundwave”; do we need it; why couldn’t it be crystal instead; Linkin Park Gold Soundwave & MP Year of the Horse Prime
- Laser Optimus Prime mold and why we disagree on it
- Shout out to Brr-icy Shattered Glass pics
- What was the best purchase this year that both of us did?
- What was our biggest Transformers regret this year?


Thursday, December 11, 2014

What's Currently on My Shelves

I haven't been in my new house for very month and 11 days as of this writing.....and it has taken me that long to get my one personal room looking even somewhat respectable.  I've limited myself to just having two shelves to display my Transformers because as awesome as I've seen and drooled at people's postings of their full collections on display, I feel that for me personally, less is more.


Sunday, December 7, 2014



- What do we collect and why
- Revenge of the Fallen Bruticus
- Eliminating figures from our collections
- Masterpiece and 3rd Party figures and do they retain their value
- What are the next new Masterpiece releases
- 3rd Party companies
- MP Bumblebee and future minibots
- TFSource and their "bullet-proof" packaging
- Masterpiece figure pricing
- Horrible Hasbro packaging
- What's a Diaclone Starscream worth?
- Is Uncle Megatron worth any price?
- Clumpo
- Some "KO" manufacturing is better than the original
- Beating Takara to the punch in terms of giving fans the figures they want
- TFC Toys Prometheus
- New 3rd Party Megatron
- Surprise unboxing of D-61 Ratbat

Keep on collecting!