Sunday, December 7, 2014



- What do we collect and why
- Revenge of the Fallen Bruticus
- Eliminating figures from our collections
- Masterpiece and 3rd Party figures and do they retain their value
- What are the next new Masterpiece releases
- 3rd Party companies
- MP Bumblebee and future minibots
- TFSource and their "bullet-proof" packaging
- Masterpiece figure pricing
- Horrible Hasbro packaging
- What's a Diaclone Starscream worth?
- Is Uncle Megatron worth any price?
- Clumpo
- Some "KO" manufacturing is better than the original
- Beating Takara to the punch in terms of giving fans the figures they want
- TFC Toys Prometheus
- New 3rd Party Megatron
- Surprise unboxing of D-61 Ratbat

Keep on collecting!

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  1. Not sure if I like sharing Joe, but congrats on your new podcast! All the Trannys should be happy that your able to go full Transformer for an entire show, while keeping it entertaining. Nice work. Everyone should check it out....and also the Start to Continue podcast!