Wednesday, November 26, 2014

G2 Grimlock (MOSC) (Blue Version)

If anyone were to ask me, "List some of your top Transformer characters", I would certainly have to say that the Dinobots are (if I were able to group the five of them together to count as one personality…….and any fan of the Dinobots certainly would say they are most definitely characters, either as a group or individually) in my top ten, if not top five.

So then, if I like them so much, why do I not own any…..until now?

Simple answer to that rather good question..........

....I just can't seem to find them in the condition that I want....or that my OCD will allow me to buy.....and if I do, they are way overpriced.

Oh, the hardship that is my life.

I wasn't even in the hunt for this particular figure at this moment to be honest with you since I'm actually trying to save some money but I saw him and talked myself into getting him to cross yet another G2 figure that I need off of my list.

Here is my list of G2 figures that either have some meaning to me or that best represent my memories of the TV show growing up.

Need it
Own it
  • G2 Optimus
  • G2 Megatron (MISB)
  • G2 Jazz (MOSC)
  • G2 Sideswipe
  • G2 Inferno
  • G2 Grimlock (BLUE) (MOSC), (TURQUOISE), (SILVER)
  • G2 Slag (MOSC) - Green GIG version
  • G2 Snarl
  • G2 Bumblebee
  • G2 Beachcomber (loose)
  • G2 Hubcap (loose)
  • G2 Seaspray (loose)
  • G2 Starscream (MOSC)
  • G2 Ramjet (MOSC)
  • G2 Devastator (Yellow) (Bonecrusher, Long Haul, Mixmaster) (MOSC)
  • G2 Devastator (Yellow) (Scavenger, Hook, Scrapper)
  • G2 Devastator (Orange) (Complete) (MOSC)
  • G2 Combaticons
  • G2 Superion
It's been a slow steady process of picking away at this list, but I am getting there.  Slow and steady wins the race.

Grimlock (Dinobot, 1993)

Accessories: 'Energo' sword, twin 'stunner' laser rifle,Grimlock's original toy was redecoed for release in Generation 2, this time lacking the missile launcher accessory. 

Most fearsome and powerful Dinobot. Although dedicated to the Autobot cause, resents authority. Cold merciless, but a valiant warrior. Has contempt for the weak, including all humans. Great strength, uses jaws to break almost anything in two. Carries energy sword and galaxial rocket launcher in Dinobot mode. Other than arrogance and lack of speed, has no real weakness.

Transformers: Generation 2 was the first Transformers toy revamp, relaunching the line in 1993, two years after the last of the original Transformers figures were off the shelves in the United States. It began with recolored versions of Generation 1 toys, but soon consisted entirely of new molds made for the line.

Generation 2 saw more-or-less simultaneous release in the US and European markets, but Japan would not start the line (or even have any Transformers product at all on shelves, for that matter) until 1995.


I paid a lot more than I wanted for my BLUE G2 Grimlock considering that I don't have any of the G1 figures, but sometimes it is what it is.  He was just so nice looking I figures now was the time to do it.  the seller was nice enough to remove the Global Shipping Program but unfortunately I still got nabbed at the border on Customs Fees (it was worth taking the chance).

TFSource's last one listed (CLICK HERE) was for $230.
One just sold this month on eBay for $295 U.S. (This is NOT the one I purchased)

Suffice it to say there is certainly still interest in the G2 guys.

Courtesy of
He was available in three different colors; the first—and rarest—in his original silver (the easiest way to spot if this is a Generation 2 or original is by the "Autobot" tampograph on his leg), then in a medium turquoise-blue, and finally (and most commonly) in a dark blue.

Notice how Grimlock in the G2 line has a higher ranking than Optimus

Here is a picture comparison between the G2 version (above) and G1 (below).

Courtesy of  Disciples of Boltax
Some G2 Grimlock (Blue version) in action.

Courtesy of Disciples of Boltax


Obviously I like Grimlock, and certain other key characters in this line as well.....but I already know what I like and why, so I pose these questions to you;

"Do you consider certain key G2 figures to be just as valid as their G1 originals?"

I look forward to responding to your replies but whatever side you take, I think that there is no denying that either together as a group or individually, they certainly evoke emotion and discussion from Transformer fans.

Keep on collecting.




  1. Funny enough, I like Beast Wars more than G2. There are certain aspects of G2 that I can not get over like the soundboxes and modified weapons. 15 year old me still shudders thinking about the Optimus Prime trailer.

    Then again, I do own a loose Blue Grimlock that I picked up at a yard sale. He has no accessories and is missing one T-Rex arm, but I really dig him.

    1. I never paid attention to the G2 before I got back into collecting in 2011. I did enjoy the Beast Wars series though I will not be buying any of the figures to have in my collection.

      I agree regarding the soundboxes. It's just such a kitchy gimmick and since I don't open my items I'm always concerned with battery leakage. I will give the G2 figures that I do own credit that their soundboxes still work perfectly.

      Thanks for the comments!

      Keep on collecting,

  2. I personally love everything about G2. Period. While I haven't started to chase the G2 Dinobots in any color yet, I do like the idea of having different colored variants. I'm sure my wallet will hate it, but then again my wallet hates me 99% of the time!

  3. My wallets hates me too. It doesn't seem to understand why I need to get three different coloured versions of the exact same character.

    Thanks for commenting and keep on collecting!


  4. I love the G2 color schemes, to the point of wanting to do a homemade DIY G2 Defensor and Menasor, G2 versions of Sludge and Swoop (based on the modified boxart that turned up) so that I can have all 5 Dinobots in G2 color schemes at some point (Currently I have a Slag I found at a thrift store who's in superb condition except for missing his back-kibble "wings"), and even custom G2 versions of Metroplex, Trypticon, and some of the Autobot Cars.

    As far as the soundboxes, I at least want Optimus Prime's because it has mounting points for his launchers and it actually adds to his vehicle mode nicely since it's designed to look like an air conditioner for the trailer. ...I also want to see if I can wire in the sound from ROTF Optimus so that the "I AM OPTIMUS PRIME" will be in Peter Cullen's voice.

    My current G2 collection (not counting the customized beater gray Slag and Grimlock because they're really just plain reissues of the G1 versions and I have grouped them with my G1s) is small, consisting of: The aforementioned Slag, G2 Sideswipe, and G2 Superion.