Thursday, November 6, 2014

Local TRU Visit

I had to return a baby item at my TRU the other day, so out of curosity I decided to see what was new on their TF shelves.  I wasn't terribly surprised at what I saw...though I did see a couple of new things.

Even a couple of KREO figures can't save a bad movie.
I shouldn't really say the movie was that horrible.....I had just hoped that it could have been so much
 more....especially with the introduction of the Dinobots.  Hopefully the rumours are true with Bay leaving the franchise.  We can only hope.

Probably the best selection of TF's that I've seen at TRU in a long, long....long time......and that's not saying very much.

Ugh....I still would like to play with this guy but for $60 ?!?!  Not going to happen.

I did end up buying this guy...again....for the second time.  I had returned him the first time a while ago because he didn't go on sale.  Then my buddy "M" picked him up recently, thus tricking me into buying him again as well.  I do have the Takara version so if I hold on to this version long enough for it to go on sale then I'll probably keep him and actually open him up.

I did have this guy but ended up returning him at the same time I returned my first purchase of Hasbro's Prowl.  I still would like to have this guy in my collection but not for over $100 after taxes.

They can't give these guys away.  Still hanging around after all of these months, and no wonder at these kind of prices.

Nice idea with the gold colour but the clear trailer doesn't look so good to me.

This is crap.

This is crap.
This is crap.

This is crap.

Back of the above piece of crap.

Close up description.  I had to put this in just because of the last word at the end.
This confirms this is a piece of crap.

This is crap.

Just moved into our new house and I finally get a room back for my office after giving it up in our previous house so my son could have a bigger room for his bedroom.
As you can see I didn't think out how I would get in to unpack all my books, TF's and such. be continued.

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