Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Goldbergs Airs Optimus' Death on TV

I was watching one of my TV shows the other day, The Goldbergs,  and I can't help but love this show not just because of its characters, but because of the constant memories and nostalgia toys it usually brings up in every episode from my childhood every time I watch it…..and this episode was no different.  If anything, this particular episode should have some special meaning for all of us in the Transformer community…..the showing of the '84 Transformers movie, Prime's demise and how much it traumatized the majority of us.

The Goldbergs - Airdate : 01/15/15

A kids Saturday morning ritual of watching cartoons.

 Obviously, as with these kind of family shows, they always try to slide some kind of meaning of life into it.  This particular one showed how traumatizing the death of Optimus Prime was to kids and how he also dealt with his dad telling him that we all pass away…some of us sooner than later.  This bothered Adam because of how close he was to his best friend, his grandfather.

Trying to explain what The Transformers are to his dad and grandfather , who ends up talking Adam to the movie.
Being able to see the movie in the theatres was an experience that I wasn't able to do myself 
Grandfather not understanding what's going on during the movie.

Staring in disbelief that they are actually killing of the main characters of the TV show.

Something is wrong here

Optimus is dead ?!?!?

I'm not leaving the movie theatre because Optimus is coming back!

Deciding to make his own Transformers movie and do it the right way.

Check out the Fort Max in the bottom left holding up the sign.

Grandfather and grandson make the movie the right way.

Sweet Megatron costume!

The creator of the show, Adam Goldberg, as a kid with his Transformers.

……The way the original movie should have ended.

Keep on collecting!

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