Monday, December 16, 2013

G1 Springer Canadian Movie Box (complete with Metal Chest Version)

So here comes another addition to my blog from an impromptu photo shoot.  I was visiting my friend "M" on our usual Friday Transformer get-together show and tell, and I was bringing over my G1 Micromasters Greasepit and Airwave since he hadn't seen them yet.   He had a few purchases arrive since our last visit but had not told me what because he wanted to surprise me.

This was the first beauty he brought out…..G1 Springer Canadian Movie Box w/ Metal Chest Version.

Complete & MIB 

Now there is a little bit of backstory to this purchase and on the "wrong" figure inside but I will get to that shortly.

First off, this is the Canadian version of Springer.   For "M", this is neither here nor there.  And yes, it's just Springer…as it should be.  NOT Autobot Springer or some other bullshit for lack of Trademark.

The sweepstakes flyer featured 1/4th of a large poster scene on one side. Overlaid on the poster were glow-in-the-dark outline scenes of various Transformers fighting in vehicle mode:

Hasbro began to include glow in the dark posters with many of their Transformers toys as part of the lead up to 1986 Transformers: The Movie. Many 1985 toys were later available with the yellow triangle in the corner advertising the poster and sweepstakes.  Most of the 1986 toys started out with this offer, and were then later available without the offer.

Part of the "Saleman's Kit for the 1986 Movie"
There were 4 posters in all, each a part of a larger scene shown on the back (all four had identical backs).

Poster #1 (hidden glow-in-the-dark image): Cyclonus vs. Hot Rod

POSTER STORY : Somewhere on a moon base, Springer (1), a talented Triple Changer, and Blurr (2), the fastest Autobot on land, join forces with Metroplex (3)....Autobot City transformed into a powerful giant robot.  Objective: to wipe out the Decepticon City Commander, Galvatron (4), and his Predacon eagle, Divebomb (5).
On the back of the mini posters is the entry form for the Decipher the Decepticon Sweepstakes. The most notable thing about the sweepstakes is that there were five grand prizes, the famous (or infamous) Hot Rod Go-Karts.
The five grand prizes were an electric Hot Rod go-cart, "valued at $2,500". First prize (100) were a videotape of The Transformers: The Movie "to watch any time at home". Second prize (1,000) was a reproduction "coming attractions" movie theater poster for TF:TM.
Poster #2 (hidden glow-in-the-dark image): Wreck-Gar vs. Tantrum & Razorclaw

POSTER STORY : Wreck-Gar (1), the Junkion leader, joins forces with Wheelie (2) and powerful Rodimus Prime (3) to defeat the formidable Predacon super robot, Predaking (4).  That Insecticon grasshopper, Kickback (5), could be a real problem.  He can kick a hole in quarter-inch steel.

Poster #3 (hidden glow-in-the-dark image): Galvatron vs. Flying Head?? (can't make it out)
POSTER STORY : Decepticon Cyclonus (1), transformed from a futuristic jet fighter plane, delivers a low blow to Hot Rod (2) as Superion (3), the Aerialbot super robot, counterattacks.  Watch out for those viscious Sharkticons (4), Hot-Rod!  They can tear through solid steel!

The Hot Rod Go-Kart is the supposed holy grail of many Transformers Artifact collectors. This is the first that I've heard of it, nor have I been able to find any detailed info or pictures on it. 
Poster #4 (hidden glow-in-the-dark image): Blast-off & Brawl vs Ultra Magnus
POSTER STORY : It's the struggle of the super powers!  Defensor (1), the Protectobot super robot made up of five emergency vehicles battles alongside Ultra Magnus (2), the Autobot City Commander.  Their foes are Trypticon (3), Bruticus (4), the Combaticon super robot, and the Decepticon Triple Changer, Octane (5), who changes from oil tanker to plane to robot.

The other side included the complete poster reproduced in miniature, and the sweepstakes rules. Entrants had to complete various sentences with the names of characters ("In the poster, Cyclonus delivers a low blow to _ _ _ _ _ _.") Circled letters in the answer could then be unscrambled to reveal the name of the "evil, horrible enemy planet - who tries to dominate everyone".

*Whew!*  That was supposed to be a little detour that turned into a big one.  To be honest, I never really looked into that whole contest before, but I'm glad that I finally did.  Credit goes to Lewis M. Brooks III for putting the above contest pictures online for the TF community.  Okay, now back to the overall box.

A nice straight back which is a must for me personally.
All 3 Springer modes


Nice straight back with just some very slight flap crease on both ends.

I would have thought Springer justified more than just 2 points since he was a Triple Changer.

The French side....yep....he still transforms into the same 3 figures.

Another shot of the nice clean back.

Top view of box

Okay, so here is where I get into another little bit of explaining.  You have two G1 Springers here.  The one IN THE BOX is the G1 METAL CHEST VERSION.
The one OUT OF THE BOX is the G1 PLASTIC CHEST VERSION minus the blades.

The G1 PLASTIC CHEST VERSION is actually the one that belongs in this box.  "M" bought the box, complete with all accessories, along with the plastic chest Springer mainly for how nice the box was even though it was missing the blades for $150.

For his own storing purposes, he put his MINT metal chested G1 Springer into the box for safe keeping.  I don't blame him either.  He's not going to sell the plastic chested one and finding blades for it is easy enough.  Either way, he has himself a complete piece.

Close-up of the G1 Springer with metal chest.  I didn't bother with pulling it out of the box because of how everything was packeged back in, but rest assured, THERE ARE NO CHIPS AT ALL on the chest.  For those of you that have this version of Springer, I'm sure that you can attest as to how easily the figure can fall over and chip.

Springer: "I've got better things to do than die tonight!"
Couldn't have said it better myself Springer!  For myself, I've have some hunting on eBay to do.

And thanks to "M" for continuing to spend money when I haven't........or can't.

Stay tuned for two more pieces from this impromptu's a tease....they are both Micro Change figures.


  1. I love the Canadian style G1 boxes. I actually have a Targetmaster Sureshot with a Canadian box. It's great seeing the bilingual packaging. Your friend got a great find.