Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Local Toys R Us

Just a quick post since I haven't had the time to put on up in the last week…..I'll explain that in a bit.  I was picking up some things at my TRU and thought I would take a look at what

they had come in since I had pretty much given up on seeing what was new for
quite some time now.  Here is what my local TRU (Whitby) has in stock at the moment.

I already have the Sandstorm figure, though I haven't had the chance to take him out to play with yet.

Too bad about these Construct Bots….they could have been so much better than what there end product was.

Lots of cool figures here that I would mind at the very least playing with.  I have the Ratbat and the Ravage FOC packages and I would mind getting the rest at a sale price.

No thanks to any of this Beast Hunters stuff.. A real disappointment and it just doesn't fit into my collection's direction.

Still up in the air about getting Trailcutter but I would like to see him in person.
I would love to have this guy but only at a good sale price.  If he hadn't been so floppy I would have grabbed him a long time ago at whatever the price.


  1. This is funny: I actually picked up an extra Trail(Breaker). No poop, still packaged.

    So you know, just a thought. Still lookin' for a Skids for Optimal Omega.

    1. I am keeping an eye out for a Skids for you. I'll let you know if one shows up.

  2. That's better than my TRU. My understanding is that everyone is blaming port closures because of the weather for shortages. I still kind of doubt that myself, personally. Trailcutter is pretty great, by the way, and worth the pickup.

    1. I would grab Trailcutter, but for the time being I am really trying to streamline my collection. If I keep on buying all these newer figures, it really takes away from my funds for the older G1 figures that I still need to get.

  3. Trail(breaker) was donated to a newbie TF fan with kids, and who wanted to read comic.

  4. Do the Canadian Generations releases not come with comics? If not I'd guess it's a language law thing.
    Also here in Arkansas I've never actually seen a Metroplex at retail (got mine online). The last figure I actually found at retail was Skids, and that was at a supermarket, of all places.

    1. Yes, the Canadian Generations figure DO NOT come with the comics. It is such a let down, and in my opinion really cheapens the overall look of the packaged figure…especially since they use the same dumb generic cardboard artwork. The only reason I can think of would have to be a legal agreement that IDW has.

      I can't tell you how many Metroplex's I've seen at retail around here. for me personally, just based on the quality of the figure (how loose and floppy the limbs are) that if they were to drop the price below $100 I would then grab it.


    2. It's weird, too, that they all use the Orion Pax package art. Too specific to be generic.

      BTW, I've not had a problem with floppy limbs on my Metroplex. I didn't know that was an issue with the figure, actually. My only issue with the toy is that a lot of the stickers are really tough to put on and some are applied in places where they won't possibly stay forever (bending over corners, etc.).