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Dimension Exploration Researchers (aka G1 Gobots) (aka eHobby Minibots) (MIB)

I thought that I would post these two sets together because a friend of mine finally pulled the trigger and picked one of these beauties up for himself. I wasn't hunting for mine when I purchased it a few years ago….I didn't even know much about the background of the figures either, but I was immediately drawn to their colour variations and sometimes as a collector, it only takes something like that for you to add a piece to your collection.

Yes, they are essentially just reissues, but in the world of redecos they are definitely near the top of the list. Also, they have such a fun little backstory that to me which also adds to their interest.

A brief history :

From a realm beyond the ken of even the Transcendent Technomorphs comes the G1 GoBots, a team of cyborgs in disguise as mighty robots and mighty vehicles. Together, they make up the Dimensional Exploration/Experimentation Team. Their home timeline disrupted and devastated by events in one of the Transformer's multiversal streams two factions of rival cybernetic beings, the Guardians and the Renegades, called a truce and together with the denizens of their Earth, tracked the devastation back to its source. Only able to send a small team at first, they hand picked a group composed of members from both factions, altered them to match the local life forms, and sent them through the multiverse, vanguard of a force to save their entire reality. (

My set was purchased from a local friend/dealer.  Like I had mentioned already, it was just something that he brought to my attention that he had. The figures looked fantastic in these new colours and it was instantly a done deal.  He has since picked up a MISB version for himself.  This really isn't a set that I have seen come up very often (on eBay at least) so I'm glad that I picked mine up when I did.

Takara broadened the scope of their re-releases in 2001 with the inception of the Collector's Edition, which offered more classic toys as exclusives through various Japanese conventions and retailers in the summer of that year. While reissues of major characters or especially large toys in their original Generation 1 packaging continued, the Collector's Edition afforded diligent fans the chance to obtain smaller and/or lesser-known characters.

In addition to these straight reissues, a small number of unique redecos of other, larger mass-retail reissues were sold under the Collector's Edition label through online retailer e-HOBBY in 2001 and early 2002. This became the defining aspect of the series when Takara then launched the Transformers Collection line in mid-2002, making numerous smaller Generation 1 toys available at mass retail.

The Collector's Edition line shifted to being entirely exclusive to e-HOBBY, and started to consist of redecos or retools of nearly every new Transformers Collectionreissue as it came out, often using Diaclone and Micro Change colour schemes, creating some of the first major brand new characters to be added to the Generation 1 canon in the 21st century.

No artwork needed for the front of the box for this set.  The figures do all the talking themselves.

I'm not sure if my other Collector's Edition boxes have these numbering on the inside since mine are still sealed, but I can only assume that they do.  Production numbers I guess?  If anyone has clarification on it could you please put it in the comments at the bottom.

Some really nice artwork on the bio card.  I like how they made their individual facial features indicative of their respective faction classes.
"Withered Hope"
Transformers Collectors' Club

I really like how they have been able to squeeze in these six figures to display so nicely in such small packaging.

I have never transformed my set so I've just pulled some pics from so that you may see these figures in both robot and their alt modes.
Bad Boy - the cocky, sarcastic young thug
Bad Boy is a redeco of the Mini Vehicle Powerglide, transforming into an A-10 Thunderbolt II assault plane.

I admit I prefer the redeco version of this figure.  The contrast of the white and blue really works well compared to the red and grey.  You'll also notice that he is a Decepticon instead of the Autobot symbol that we are accustomed to. (Note : Gobots Bad Boy is a Renegade)
G1 Powerglide
Below is a picture of The Gobots Bad Boy.

Bug Bite - brilliant, amoral scientist, specializing in co-opting and adapting others' technology and advancements for his own use.
For me, it's a toss up between the redeco and G1. Both colors pop dramatically but gun to my head I would have to go with Bumblebee.  You will notice the difference with the head sculpts in which case I would prefer the redeco.

Path Finder - calm, rational female Guardian A redeco of the Mini Vehicle Cosmos toy, transforming into a flying saucer based on George Adamski's "eyewitness" designs of "real" flying saucers.
Comparison shot below of G1 Cosmos.

Gobots Pathfinder vs G1 Cosmos
Road Ranger is a redeco of the Mini Vehicle Huffer, transforming into a cabover-syle semi truck
It's another toss up for me to choose between these two colorings. In person, they both really do pop so I would classify both as a win-win.
G1 Huffer

Small Foot is a redeco of the Mini Vehicle Gears, transforming into a pickup truck

Another tough one for me to choose between. Both of the color schemes aren't the greatest but I'm inclined to go with the orange and red since it reminds me of Fire Guts God Ginrai's colors and I love that figure.
The Gobots version of Small Foot below certainly wins hands down in terms of vehicle realism.

Gobots - Small Foot

Treds is a redeco of the Mini Vehicle Warpath, transforming into a General Motors M551A1 Sheridan ARAAV tank.
G1 Warpath
Hands down I would have to say that I prefer the Treds coloring over the G1 original.. The dark green is really such a sweet color and matches nicely with the black tank treads.  Also, it reminds me of the Collector's Edition Overcharge figure that I have (which was also one of the first figures that I acquired at my first toy convention).

.......I think the exact opposite of everything I just said could be applied to the Gobots version of Treds shown below……I'm at a loss of words for describing this figure.

Look at me....I'm poop!

I am extremely happy that I was able purchased my set such a while ago, and I'm glad my friend has finally done the same for himself as well so that he may enjoy this set for himself too.

I know some people may have an issue with reissue/redeco sets and don't consider them to be part of the "G1 line". Yes, they weren't issued at the time period as their original G1 moulds, and they may be a different colour, but I don't think that should take away from what great figures they are....especially when there is such a great back story/crossover as this set has.

Keep on collecting!

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