Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Joe's Comic Long Box Reorganization Project - Part #1

I'm trying to de-clutter my office so I've decided to first downsize my comic collection, but before I do I just wanted to record what I had for posterity before dumping off the issues I no longer care about.

From the pics you can tell I'm a fan of Wolverine, but this box has a "mish-mash" of issues in it
I basically read these comics once and they have been put away in a storage box  never to be seen again.  There are in no particular order and I seem to have some issues missing / mixed up in other boxes so I'm due for a good reorganizing

Here's pics from box #1.

 Open below for the rest.

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  1. There's some nice stuff there! I loved Sal Buscema on Wolverine. Seeing your covers brought back a lot of memories. I actually started reading non-TF comics around the time of "Act of Vengeance", making Jim Lee the definitive X-artist for me. It was tough for me to get rid of a large chunk of my collection about 4 years ago, including many of the issues that you're showing us now. Good luck!