Thursday, July 7, 2016

Transformers & Beer Podcast #69 - TFCon Speculations & FansProject Memories

We're back discussing the upcoming TFCon and what we thought of past shows; different Megatrons we want and answering listener questions.  Enjoy!

  • Show opening
  • What's new
    • "M" has another Kijiji sale
    • Combiner Wars Devy vs. Bruticus
    • FansProject memories
    • Joe's yard sale pickups
  • TFCon 2016 speculations and thought on past shows
  • Goodbye Megatron & Goodbye Convoy
  • Different versions of Megatron we want
  • What are we LEAST looking forward to with TFCon
  • Answering a few listener questions

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YouTube : Transformers & Beer

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