Friday, August 5, 2016

Transformers & Beer Podcast #73 - The Case of the Detolf Dilemma & The Law of Averages

The boys of T&B are back with "M" having to open up another eBay case.  We have some major detolf case dilemmas.  Joe's back into buying Transformers again but has to figure out the Law of Averages when it comes to buying online, and thanking a friend.  Enjoy!

  • Show open
  • More TFCon recapping
  • What's new
    • "M" has to open another eBay case
    • Detolf case pickups
  • "M's" issue with what to display on his shelves
  • Joe's back into buying TF's
  • The Law of Averages when it comes to buying TF's
  • Madhaus Toys on Facebook
  • New YouTube instructional video
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YouTube : Transformers & Beer

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