Friday, October 7, 2016

Transformers and Beer Podcast #81 - What Makes A Transformer Go From Good To Great

  • What's new with us
  • "M" sells off Combiner Wars Devastator & 2009 San Diego Comic-con Soundwave
  • What could they have done to make Combiner Wars Devy go from good to great?
  • "M" orders 2 copies of the steel case Transformers 30th Anniversary
  • Transformers and Beer YouTube channel hits 100 subs
  • We thank some listeners
  • Talking about our Instagram account
  • Thank you Transformerland
  • Answering a listener question
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  1. Thanks for answering my question.I was wondering how you two stored your stuff either personal collection or resale and keep them minty.As i said earlier i don't have much G1 but do have some rare or harder to find modern ones i like to keep pristine.Examples are boxed Beast Wars Neo Black Big Convoy and the Takara Ratbat repaint of classics Scourge or G1 reissues that i've gotten signed by the voice actors.Most of the carded figures i have stored away are beast wars,Beast machines and modern movie stuff across all 4 movies i was hoping to eventually sell later on and so far only 3 movie figs have gone.My space is extremely limited as only one closet in a 1 1/2 storey house so i use rubbermaid containers(29 gallons) bubble sheet bottom of container.Layer of figs,shopping bags or packing peanuts,and then repeat for next layer till tub is full in hopes that they stay as good as they were when i grabbed them off the shelf until i trade/sell them off.My personal g1 collection that will always be with me is all loose figures so they're bubblewrapped,Then ziplocked and put in a bin until i can eventually move to a bigger place and display them properly.
    Thanks again.
    Thanks again

    1. Our pleasure. I'm hoping that you were able to visualize what we were talking about. When I listened to our record, my explanation didn't sound like it made a lot of sense to someone who couldn't see what I was talking out. Sorry about that. It sounds like what I do isn't too different from what you do only I use both bankers boxes and giant Rubbermaid bins (not sure how many gallons) depending on the size shape of the figure or box.

      Cheers M