Thursday, July 6, 2017

Transformers and Beer Podcast #118 - KO's We Don't Know About & How Great Are WST Figures!

  • Recapping what happened to the show last week
  • What's new/pickups
  • How great are WST (World's Smallest Transformers) figures!
  • Thanking our viewers for passing 300 Subs on Youtube
  • Discussing Joe's latest YouTube video "KO Diaclone Bliztwing"
  • Discussing KO figures and are there any we don't know of?
  • Listener comment/question from Grizzly519
  • Transformer movie figures are taking over the aisles again at TRU/Walmart
  • Will "M" buy Titan's Return 2-Pack Wingspan & Cloudbreaker?
  • Discussing last weeks Beast Wars S01E14 "Double Dinobot"
  • Watching this weeks Beast Wars S01E15 "The Spark" 
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