Thursday, September 21, 2017

Transformers and Beer Podcast #128 - TRU Bankruptcy & Beast Wars Finale

T and B is back for another week talking about our pickups and whether or not we like the Power of the Prime Dinobots Combiner. More news on Toys R Us going bankrupt and finishing off Beast Wars Season One.  Keep on collecting!

  • (2:22) What's new 
  • (30:01) Recap and update to last weeks episode 
  • (30:39) Power of the Prime Dinobots Combiner thoughts
  • (38:40) Toys R Us bankruptcy update
  • (47:35) Promoting our Micro Change MC-03 Condor unboxing
  • (54:10) Beast Wars S01E25 "Other Voices" - Part 1; original airdate March 31, 1997
  • Beast Wars S01E26 "Other Voices" - Part 2; original airdate April 1, 1997
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