Thursday, February 22, 2018

Transformers and Beer Podcast #149 - YouTube Good/Bad & MP-17+ Animation Prowl

In this week's episode Joe and "M" share some eBay frustrations, answer a question regarding G1 prices for new collectors, give out some YouTube shoutouts and share some good/bad news regarding YouTube along with our thoughts on the upcoming MP-17+ Animation Colors Masterpiece Prowl Exclusive. Enjoy!!

  • What's new
    • PS Vita game pickup
    • Assassin's Creed levelling up
    • Finishing Stranger Things
  • eBay frustrations
  • Listener question "Do you think the increasing prices of G1 collecting will discourage younger collectors from starting?"
  • New YouTube subs shoutouts
  • Our YouTube channel news good / bad
  • A friend is leaving YouTube discussion
  • Our thoughts on MP-17+ Animation Colors Masterpiece Prowl Exclusive
Twitter : @ACDecepticon

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