Thursday, May 17, 2018

Transformers and Beer Podcast #160 - Is It Too Little Too Late For A Chrome MP Megatron?

The boys of T&B are back discussing what they have picked up recently.  We give our thoughts on our MP-42 Cordon preorder and on the cost of Masterpiece figures.  Will Joe finally get a MP Megatron with the new chrome version coming out and does "M" need another one too? Thoughts on the new Toy Color MP-29+ Shockwave and more! Enjoy!

  • What's new
    • PS Vita physical games discontinued
    • Our video game pickups
    • Our YouTube community and our channels
  • We discuss our MP-42 Masterpiece Cordon preorder
  • Are we going to purchase another MP-36 Masterpiece Megatron even if it's chrome?
  • Thoughts on the MP-29+ Laserwave/Shockwave (Toy color)
Joe's YouTube : My Life In Collecting
"M's" YouTube : Transformers and Video Games
Twitter : @ACDecepticon

1 comment:

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