Thursday, August 9, 2018

Transformers and Beer Podcast #170 - The Unboxing of Walmart Exclusive G1 Starscream Reissue

We open the show by finding out what's new in our lives. "M" had shown interest in getting the new Power of the Primes Predating so Joe wanted his thoughts on the Upgrade Kit pre-order now available.  We watch Episode 4 of the The Headmasters individually and shared our thoughts on it to each other.  For the first time ever, Joe opens and unboxes one of his Walmart G1 reissue figures and find out if we are surprised at what we find, plus  eBay already has Sellers trying to rip people off with these figures.  Enjoy!

  • Find out what's new in our lives
  • DK-07 Power of the Primes Predaking Upgrade Kit 
  • Reviewing Headmasters Episode 4
  • Unboxing and thoughts on G1 Starscream Reissue
  • Crazy eBay reissue ripoff

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