Monday, October 21, 2013

My Thoughts on Collecting.......

I search eBay.  I buy.  Package arrives.  I store it away.

I read and hear about a new MP.  I go to and I buy.  Package arrives.  I store it away.

I go to a convention and see a TF.  I buy it.  I store it away.

See a pattern here?  *sigh*

This has pretty much been the story since 2011 when I got back into collecting Transformers.  I know  some collectors out there will take one of two sides to this; either
relating to and appreciating it, or thinking that this is a complete waste not to enjoy playing with your figures.

Up until recently, maybe it’s a touch of OCD, maybe not, but I would only focus on getting MISB TF’s.  Growing up as a kid, I’ve pretty much ALWAYS taken care of my things…you could say to the point of not fully enjoying them for fear of wrecking them.  I have books going back 30 years now and you could swear they just came off the printing press.  Yes, I’m the guy who reads his books without cracking the spine.  Let’s take that one further.  If I bought a hardcover book, I would have to go out and buy the soft cover version for ease of transportation and to avoid wrecking the nicer hardcover.  (It’s okay, my wife shakes her head at me as well.)

That’s just one example.  Back to TF’s.  So I guess that’s why I prefer to collect…and I didn’t even have to lay down on a couch and pay someone to figure that one out.

Excluding dealers that I know, my one die hard  TF collecting friend “M” and I have had the discussion numerous times about how we need to start enjoying our collections more.  That doesn’t mean necessarily saying we stop buying MISB and not open them, but maybe we open them up certain less rare ones or buy some loose ones as well.   He’s not as bad as me though in terms of needing to have everything as mint as possible.  Thus, he has way more TF’s than me.  Plus, his wife is slightly more tolerating of his collecting hobby than mine, which allows him to display more of his collection, on a rotating basis as well.  (Hmmm, that’s twice so far the wife reference has been made…….probably not the last.)

Why do I continue collecting?

I believe my persistence to collect is for a variety of reasons, whether conscious or subconsciously.  It definitely reminds me of my youth and playing with the few Transformers that I had.  We live in a society based on youth and where we are constantly striving to find that endless fountain of it.  For some, it could be beauty products, or some type of operation, or trying to live on through our offspring by having kids.  These toys, in bringing back fond memories of playing with mine, or friends, definitely have made me feel young again.

Should collectors always be looking back at what they have/had or be looking forward?

This is a tough one since it’s really a personal preference thing.  I know that speaking for myself, I’m looking back at what I had (or couldn’t afford) and and using this as a reference point in acquiring these items, such as G1, G2, WST, MP and certain reissues of these lines. 

What keeps me attached to the hobby?

Right now, I’m really using it as a way to relax……though no one ever said collecting was relaxing (ever go to a TFCon?)  I don’t really have the time for many sports, other than working out, so as this is something that I can do anytime, it’s a great way to keep busy, especially when I’m doing some research for my blog, or on a figure I’m thinking about getting.
Also, it may be part of my OCD, but I’m sort of a completionist so it’s a little hard not to finish the lines that I have already started.

What rule do I keep for collecting?

This was a rule that I learned the hard way….always collect within your means.  When I got back into collecting in 2011, I was going balls out, buying everything that I could get my hands on (though none of it was the really super expensive items like Diaclones and such).  Needless to say, the Visa became racked up fairly quickly and took a little bit to pay off.  I find it’s a cycle where I get back into this habit and then really have to force myself to cool and get things back under control.  Sometimes its nice when an item that I’m watching on eBay goes really high in bidding so that I can just forget about it.

Is there a specific toy line that I dislike the most?

Not too hard of a question to answer….Michael Bay, this one’s for you. F’ you and your crappy movie line.  Sorry to people out there that enjoy it but it’s just not for me, and that’s fine since some things I’m into obviously aren’t for everyone either.

Is collecting as bad a vice as drinking/drugs/gambling?

See above (What rule do I keep for collecting?)  I 100% agree with this.   Buying items, whatever they may be; collecting, clothes, etc. can quickly become an overpowering, completely ruling your life obsession, especially when money and spouses becoming a factor.  There needs to be a balance with everything and unfortunately, some people are unable to draw the line to know when enough is enough.  It’s okay to have a vice, IF you can control it and not let it control you.


  1. this is a good topic and a few bloggers have been touching on this subject individually and collectively! haha....

    My main thoughts are these: "What’s perhaps more essential is why I continue to look into the past. Quoting Randal Graves from Clerks II “they [ie: Transformers] remind me of a better time in my life… like when we were young and the world was still in front of us"

    My full thoughts are here (together with random thoughts from other collectors) -

    drop a line!

  2. Lots of good advice in here, everything in moderation!