Sunday, October 27, 2013

Transformers Collection #0 Convoy (Optimus Prime)

Finally pulled the trigger and found this guy from a local dealer....and at a reasonable price; $185 all in.

Just bring it !
Convoy (2003)
  • Japanese ID Number: 0
  • Accessories: Laser Blaster, 2 fists (left & right), trailer/Combat Deck, Roller (dark blue), 4 rockets, hose, nozzle, fuel pump, energon axe
I know some of you may be saying, "How can yet another reissue of Optimus Prime be so expensive?"  I can't really debate that argument as much as I would like to.

Let's look at a few negative factors:
  • At $185, it is starting to encroach on G1 pricing for Prime
  • The plastic quality of the figure is, at the very most, no better than the original
  • Minor changes/improvements to the figure
And now a few postives:
  • Fantastic display "bookstyle" box
  • New cover artwork
  • Japanese exclusive line of reissues
  • New accessories (gatefold data file cards, ring binder for entire TFC Series, energy axe, original thick barreled laser rifle)

ABOVE : #0 Convoy's (Optimus Prime's) artwork is taken from Pat Lee's old "movie" posters that served as teasers for DW's first "Generation 1" mini-series.
BELOW : You can see the similar signature in character designs on the two comics below compared to the TFC box above.

Here's Soundwave's box just as a comparison. Exact same picture.
Directly associating the line with Dreamwave is a little incorrect though since about half the box artwork has in fact been drawn by Japanese fan-turned-pro Hirofumi Ichikawa who has never worked for Dreamwave. Fans, as well as auction sellers, still frequently use the abbreviated name "DW" to refer to the reissue toyline to this very day.
Produced by Takara between the years 2002 and 2007, The Transformers Collection (also abbreviated unofficially as T/F Collection or TFC), is one of Takara's series of Generation One reissues. Each figure comes inside a "book-box"-style package that opens just like a large book, complete with a small booklet containing profiles of the reissued character (and a couple of random characters), episodes of the cartoon and a small portion of the Japanese catalog.
Though you would think this was Takara's first release of the series (#0), and why wouldn't you think that since it's Optimus, you would be mistaken. (At the time of writing this, I can't remember exactly what figure Prime was released after, but I'm fairly certain it was after Skids & Tracks.)

Here's the release date of this line:
  • #0 Convoy (Optimus Prime)                   2002
  • #1 Meister (Jazz)                              July 2002
  • #2 Prowl                                            July 2002
  • #3 Skids                                             September 2002
  • #4 Tracks                                           September 2002
  • #5 Smokescreen                              December 2002
  • #6 Megatron                                    December 2002
  • #7 Lambor (Sideswipe)                  March 2003
  • #8 Inferno                                        June 2003
  • #9 Starscream                                 June 2003
  • #10 Soundwave                              September 2003
  • #11 Astrotrain                                 December 2003
  • #12 Minibot Team                 January 2004
  • #13 Hot Rodimus                  April 2004
  • #14 Hound                           July 2004
  • #15 Stepper w/ Ricochet      August 2004
  • #16 Insectrons (Insecticons)  September 2004
  • #17 Bliztwing                       January 2005
  • #18 Soundblaster                  March 2005
  • #19 Cybertron Perceptor      June 2005
  • #20 Kup & Wheelie              August 2005
  • #21 Broadcast (Blaster)        March 2006

Fantastic display when you flip open the velcro sealed cover
Close up through book window

- Optimus Prime Robot/Cab Section
- Silver Trailer/Combat Deck Section
- Scout Car Roller
- Fully Working Repair Bay Facilities
- Spring Loaded Missile Launchers
- Spring Loaded Scout Car Launcher
- 4 Rockets
- 2 Fists
- Gas Pump
- Fuel Nozzle
- Fuel Hose
- Original Thick Barreled Laser Rifle
- Energy Axe
- Instruction Sheet
- Character Profile & Bio Card
- Unapplied Sticker Sheet
- Working Rub Sign
- Rubber Tires
- Die-Cast Metal & Chromed Parts
- Gatefold Data File Cards
- Exclusive Ring Binder For The TFC Series

Side profile of figure box on right (red box) with the binder box on the left (white box). 

Back of binder box.

Each bookstyle box comes complete with a small booklet containing profiles of the reissued character (and a couple of random characters), episodes of the cartoon and a small portion of the Japanese catalog. All 22 of these can then be removed and inserted into this one binder.

I'm only have 10 of these boxes in my collection so far, but I'm getting there.  It's just getting harder to find them in the condition that I look for.

Reissue or not, this is a fantastic release of one of the most iconic figures in the Transformers line, maybe even ever.


  1. He is a great release, but the definitive reissue is the New Year Convoy that came out a few years ago. It has the accessories from this release, plus both types of guns, an Action Master Prime, and a Matrix. And it can be found for far less than the book style Prime. I got mine for like $75 earlier this year.

    1. I'll be honest, I must have forgotten about that release. I got the book style because I'm trying to complete that part of my collection, but you're right….that New Year Convoy is a great little package and at that price it is definitely worth it. I'll have to see if I can find one.

    2. As I said in your other post, yeah, New Year Convoy definitely trumps this one (other than the Laser Axe, which only #00 has).

      I bought all of these at retail back in the day, so no heartbreak over the prices. But I did like the TFC series - I have the entire line of 22 (#00 to #21, which was Blaster I think).

      They are awesome!