Thursday, October 24, 2013

Recent Acquisitions - MISB Transformers Collections #0 Optimus Prime and #3 Skids

I picked these two guys up today. $185 for Prime; $31 for Skids.  Seems like a lot but this damn Optimus isn't cheap.  I've seen it going for anywhere between $200-$300.  I'll get into this later when I do a in-depth review on him but that's getting close to G1 boxed prices!

The box on top is the binder that comes with Optimus so that you can cut out the hole-punched books that comes with each Transformers Collection figure and put them all into one binder. (I don't know why anyone would want to do that though).

Anyway, I just wanted to get these up so stay tuned for an in-depth review shortly.


  1. You know, the one thing that continues to confound me is 'why is TFC-00 so expensive?'. It became a $200+ toy just weeks after its release and continues to hold its value. Strange, because I thought that at the time, New Year Convoy was the best version (and still is) of a reissued Optimus Prime.

    Congrats on getting these man, the prices are pretty good!

    1. Wow, I didn't know that that Optimus' price went that high just weeks after release!

      Just to make an addendum to your first question, you should add the word "encore" to "why is TFC-00 so expensive?". Mind you, it is a very nice encore quality wise, and all the little extra extras they added (binder, artwork, booklet, etc.) aer what additions that the fans can appreciate. To be honest, I would would another one at a reasonable price just because the overall package is that good.

      I'm still on the hunt to complete but it's getting harder to come across good prices.