Saturday, May 10, 2014

Disco Devy (MOSC)

So a couple of posts ago, (CLICK HERE) I had mentioned how I had gone to the 80's Toy Show in Toronto.  There were a few possible items that I could have walked away with from the show and I'm

 Disco Devy (MOSC)

probably going to get razzed about not grabbing them. One was a G1 Whirl; looked to be in near mint condition, complete but loose, for $90.  The other one was the 1st Takara
reissue of Starscream (MISB) for $60.  Yes....I don't have either and they were going for fair prices but I just wasn't feeling them so I decided to pass.  So what did I get instead?


Why none other that the ultra rare, MOSC "Team Construx" set; $10 for all 6.  In fairness, it was my buddy "M" who had actually pointed these guys out to me as they were just sitting on some dealers shelf.....of course, the dealer dropped two of them handing them over to me.  At $2 a figure I would have been silly to pass up these guys.

No.1 Bulldozer

No.2 Excavator

No.3 Shovel

No.4 Crane

No.5 Sand Truck

No.6 Mixer


I found this to be strange, but two of the six carded figures had the backing that appears on the above right......different backings?......I wouldn't expect anything less of KO figures.

Ooooh...these are the Dollarama Exclusive versions.....
It has also been found at Walgreens.

Here's another KO Devy set, though not of the "Disco" colouring but rather that of the Diaclone version; this one belonging to my friend "M".

This set was also released in a giftset style...but still with all the good ole metal content.

Okay, so I certainly didn't break the bank with these guys, but I still think these are a nice looking set when put together like this.

I have mentioned this in plenty of my other posts in that KO's certainly don't work for everyone, or for every collection.  You either love them or hate them.  Or, they either fit in your collection's direction or they don't.  These guys are certainly far removed from being rare KO's but that wasn't why I bought them. In actuality, it was more so just to add another different set of Devy figures to my collection.  And I admit, I do like the goofy colors.

Clown Devy, Rainbow Devy, Disco Devy, or whatever other names people have given the end it's still another Devastator.

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  1. Wow. That is a crazy coloration. I've never heard of this version before. What's the plastic quality like? I guess for $10, you can't really go wrong.

  2. I've seen the Disco Mixmaster at Quake (loose) and I like the color scheme on the package better. Plastic quality isn't that bad, but the wheels look cheap. Maybe now I'll go pick up that loose Disco Mixmaster.

    Disco Contructicons need to have adventures and SOON.