Wednesday, May 14, 2014

TRU Pics

So with the wife out for some doctor appointments I was left at home to watch my daughter by myself…..pretty boring since the conversation at this point seems to be all one way…she is only 8 weeks old after all.  Perfect opportunity to get out and see what's doing at one of my local TRU's.

This was the biggest display of non-Botshot / KREO Transformers that I have seen
assembled in one display at TRU in a very long time.  Hasbro must have shipped out a lot of warehouse items to their sellers.

Cosmos and Swerve are still hanging around.
(This was at a Walmart though and not TRU)

While nothing special with this guy, I could help but notice the striking similarity of head molds  between Autobot Ratchet and the Beast Wars head of Dinobot II.

Believe it or not, I actually missed this display the first time I walked by it.
Could this be one last ditch effort to get rid of items not selling to make room for new stock?

Can't give away that Starscream even if they wanted to.
I can't say that I'm a big fan of Hasbro's new plan to simplify the transformation process for their new figures.  They really should give kids more credit in terms wanting toys with a little more substance.

Even at $20 off, poor Ultra Magnus can't seem to find any love.
I did like the combo package of Grimlock and Bruticus but again….never on sale.
Doubledealer would have been a great character to get except I was never into all the issues his hold had.
Heroic did a funny bash down of this mold in his review for the new Bliztwing but I can't seem to find the article at the moment to link it up.

Metroplex is still reaching out to me after all this time……now if only something could be done for his price.
Give me a sale price and I may finally jump on this guy.


  1. Are there any Skids in those pics? In these places? I'm sure some of your stateside pals would be willing to pay international shipping for a Skids, even if there's no comic. DAMMIT POST OFFICE, WHY DO YOU MAKE CANADA "INTERNATIONAL!" THEY SHOULD BE REGULAR PARCEL POST OR PRIORITY! IT'S CANADA! THEY HAVE AN MLB BASEBALL TEAM, UNLIKE ENGLAND!

    1. I haven't come across any other Skids yet Paul other than the one lone figure I grabbed a few weeks ago.

      If I do find another one you will be the first to know and I'll mail it to you.