Wednesday, September 10, 2014

G2 Starscream (MOSC)

Here's one of two pieces that I had to "bully bid" to win in two separate eBay auctions. I hate to say it but I think the days of getting good deals on eBay have come and gone. I didn't have much choice fours years of looking on (though not consistently) I personally have not come across two nicer figures of these guys, especially in the condition that I buy my figures, so it came down to really just being able to cross these guys off of my search list and be done with it.

And with that being said, here we have G2 Starscream MOSC.Transformers: Generation 2 was the first Transformers toy revamp, relaunching the line in 1993, two years after the last of the original Transformers figures were off the shelves in the United States. It began with recolored versions of Generation 1 toys such as the ones shown on the back of the card (G2 Constructicons, Ramjet, Jazz, Dinobots, Optimus)........

.........but soon consisted entirely of new molds such as G2 Megatron,( CLICK HERE ) made for the line.

Generation 2 saw more-or-less simultaneous release in the US and European markets, but Japan would not start the line (or even have any Transformers product at all on shelves, for that matter) until 1995.

Starscream (Decepticon Jet, 1993)

Left & right fists, left & right wings, left & right tail fins, left & right tail wings, landing gear, 2 missile launchers, 3 missiles, sound/light energy unit

Left & Right Fists

2 wings, 2 tail fins, 2 tail wings
2 Missle Launchers
Starscream's Generation 2 release is a slight retool of his original toy, armed with new, functional spring-loaded launchers and missiles, and an electronic light-and-sound "energy unit" in the shape of a tank.

3 Missles
Sound/light energy unit (Still works perfectly)

The electronic box lights up with the press of either button, and emits electronic "machine gun" or "jet engine" noises. In robot mode, the box attaches to Starscream's back; in jet mode, it plugs into his tail-end.
The new accessories were also used, in different colors for Generation 2 Ramjet.
Still arrow straight packaging.
Arrow straight.....even after 22 years

2 points is better than nothing.....heck, they only gave G2 Megs 4 points.

Still "bone white" after all this time as well.
This is certainly one figure that I'm not upset about with not being able to take him out of his packaging.  

In all actuality, if you already have G1 Starscream you really would have no need to get buy this particular version of him as it really is no improvement on the original. A

For myself, the overall artwork and full display packaging is what really sells this figure for me.....that, and it's Starscream.

Wouldn't you agree?


  1. very nice, a good friend of mine gifted me a loose g2 screamer for christmas, was pleased with it, i like the deco on it. still need to get a ramjet though

  2. If love to have this guy, save for all the gimmicks. When they first released G2, I really loved Starscream's deco, but all the other stuff that came with him was just too much.

  3. Loved this toy since its heyday.. And still got it complete till this very day. Too awesome!