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WST Lot - Soundwave, Optimus, Starscream, Prowl & Megatron

Here’s my latest arrivals.  Won this lot in an auction off eBay recently for the great price of $65.  I already most of these figures with the exception of Soundwave and Starscream, and with Soundwave normally commanding the minimum price of $50 on eBay this whole purchase really was a steal.
I know WST figures really aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I really enjoy the detailing of the figures and when you combines them with big sets, like that of Metroplex and such, they just fit in perfectly for displaying.

Here’s a brief history and some pics of my WST's that just arrived that I had hinted at in my previous posting below this one.

Starscream (2003)
    • Japanese ID number: GTF 03
    • Accessories: Left & right fists, 2 missile launchers/cluster bombs, left & right wings, left & right tailfins
The transformation process is basically the same as the original. A redeco of this mold was made into WST versions of Skywarp and Thundercracker, with a retool made into Thrust.

Starscream with his blind box and plastic case

  • Soundwave (2003-2004)
    • Japanese ID number: GTF 05
    • Accessories: Rocket launcher, concussion blaster
Unlike the original G1 Soundwave, he doesn’t have his retracting fists, rotating head and missile accessories, but he is still able to store his weapons as batteries and has an opening chest door. This cassette door is able to hold Ravage, who is the smallest Transformer ever.  Soundwave was originally released as part of the first WST wave, and was then made available again in the limited-availability "Wave 2.5" the following year, without changes. 

Is this a loose Tetris piece?, robots best friend.

  • Prowl (2003)
    • ID number: GTF-09
Released in Wave 2, this figure faithfully reproduces the transformation sequence for the most part,except that his legs cannot separate and his wheels do not roll.  This mold was also used to make WST Bluestreak.

  • Convoy (Anime Version) (2004)
    • Japanese ID Number: GTF 06
    • Accessories: Laser Blaster
Another Prime was recolored and made available for a second time in Wave 2.5 into a color scheme based on his G1 cartoon appearance featuring brighter reds and blues, white thighs, yellow details on his bumper, and blue eyes and windows. This version came  with a new anime-decorated version of the Combat Deck now available as a rare "chase" figure.

  • Megatron (2004)
    • Japanese ID number: GTF 07
    • Accessories: Fusion cannon/scope
Megatron was released in the second wave, including only his fusion cannon. The most complex of all the WST figures, Megatron is a just-barely-simplified version of his G1 toy, possessing the same transformation scheme and retaining most of his articulation.

If you take a second look, you'll notice that Megs has blue highlights in this picture, and that in the gun mode above he has red highlights.   Simple explanation; it was getting late at night, he's a bitch to transform sometimes, and I already had this blue Megs sitting on my bookshelf.  Told you it was simple to explain.  (This blue Megs is actually from the tribute WST VSX Convoy vs Megatron set which I will pull out for a review later.)

Here’s the release Wave’s of all the WST figures.

Wave 1

  • GTF01-A Convoy
  • GTF01-B Convoy ( Convoy’s trailer& roller) shortpacked)
  • GTF02 Lambor
  • GTF03 Starscream
  • GTF04 Bumble
  • GTF05 Soundwave (with Jaguar)
There were two chase figures in the first assortment:
  • GTF X-1 Skywarp
  • GTF X-2 Bumble (Red)

Wave 2

  • TFG06 Convoy Anime Version
  • TFG07 Megatron
  • TFG08 Meister (shortpacked)
  • GTF09 Prowl
  • GTF10 Alert
  • GTF11 Thrust
There were two chase figures in the second assortment:
  • GTF X-3 Streak
  • GTF X-4 Convoy (White)

Wave 2.5

Wave 2.5 was only available in certain retail stores in limited quantities, and the figures did not have individualized release numbers. It included:
  • Meister
  • Megatron
  • Convoy Anime Version
  • Soundwave
  • Starscream
There were two chase figures in the exclusive assortment:
  • Thundercracker
  • Convoy's trailer ("anime" version)
And one shortpacked figure:
  • Hot Rodimus

Here's some gratuitous shots of everyone together.

- angry canadian deception -

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